First FBI Most Wanted Criminal Captured Vegas Odds

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The Super Bowl matchup is set and bettors are scrambling to research how long Chris Stapleton typically sings the national anthem or whether concession workers at State Farm Stadium have more red or blue Gatorade in stock. Sharpen up your prop betting skills with wagering on who the next FBI most wanted criminal captured in 2023 will be.

The FBI has had some success crossing names off their list lately, capturing drug lord Rafael Caro Quintero in Mexico last July, sex trafficker Michael Pratt in Spain in December, and murder-for-hire contractor Jose Rodolfo Villarreal-Hernandez in Mexico in early January.

Who is Next FBI Most Wanted Criminal Captured?

  • Yulan Adonay Archaga Carias +300 – Things don’t look optimistic for Yulan Adonay Archaga Carias as the “co-favorite” to be the next FBI most wanted criminal captured. He is the alleged leader of MS-13 in Honduras and is wanted on cocaine and gun charges.
  • Omar Alexander Cardenas +300 – Cardenas is a noticeable guy at nearly 300 pounds but he’s been able to hide out from the FBI since last July. Cardenas is alleged to have fired six shots into a Los Angeles area barber shop, striking and killing a man.
  • Bhadreshkumar Chetanbhai Patel +400 – Patel dipped out in 2015 after allegedly stabbing his wife at a Donut shop in Maryland and hasn’t been seen since. Patel was added to the Most Wanted list in 2017 and may have returned to his native India.
  • Alejandro Castillo +400 – Youth hasn’t tripped up Castillo, who was 17 at the time he allegedly murdered his ex-girlfriend in North Carolina. Surveillance video captured Castillo crossing the border from Arizona to Mexico back in 2016 and he’s so far avoided detection.
Yulan Adonay Archaga Carias+300
Omar Alexander Cardenas+300
Bhadreshkumar Chetanbhai Patel+400
Alejandro Castillo+400
Arnold Jimenez+425
Alexis Flores+500
Ruja Ignatova+600
  • Arnold Jimenez +425 – Jimenez allegedly murdered his wife in their Burbank, Illinois home less than 24 hours after marrying her. The wife was found stabbed and placed in the bathtub still in her wedding dress.
  • Alexis Flores +500 – Flores has been on the run for awhile, wanted for his involvement in the alleged kidnapping and strangulation of a 5-year-old girl in Philadelphia way back in 2000.
  • Ruja Ignatova +600 – The only female in the FBI Top 10 Most Wanted list, Ignatova is supposedly the ring leader of a multi-billion dollar fraud for her product OneCoin, which was billed as the “bitcoin killer.”
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