Fox Sports to Play Fake Crowd Noise in Empty Stadiums During 2020 NFL Season

  • Fox Sports plans to play fake crowd noise in empty NFL stadiums
  • Virtual fans might be placed in the stands
  • Online bookmakers have released the Super Bowl LV odds

With the COVID-19 vaccine nowhere on the horizon, the chances are that fans are not going to be allowed on stadiums once the 2020 NFL season starts.

Fox Sports plans to tackle this issue by playing crowd noise during the games. Another idea to create as a normal atmosphere as possible is to virtual fans in the stands.

Joe Buck Reveals Fox Sports Brand-New Ideas

Joe Buck who’s a play-by-play announcer for Fox Sports revealed this broadcaster’s plans for the 2020 NFL season. As games are likely to be played behind closed doors, the company is considering some fairly inventive measures. According to Buck, it’s almost certain Fox Sports will pump in crowd noise during games.

Buck also said that the broadcaster might decide to place digital fans in order to simulate a normal atmosphere. The idea is that the virtual fans would react in the same manner as real fans would to what’s happening on the field.

2020 NFL Season to Start as Planned

Last Friday, the NFL commissioner Roger Goodell sent out a memo to all the 32 teams, saying team facilities can open on Tuesday.

The memo did contain some caveats. For instance, the opening of the facilities needs to be okayed by the state in which the NFL franchise is based. Another condition is that a maximum of 75 people can be inside the building.

Another important condition is that coaching staff is not allowed in. The same goes for players in the process of recovering from injuries.

The partial reopening of NFL facilities comes as a good sign for football. If everything goes according to plan, the 2020 NFL season will start as planned. In that case, the first games of the season will start on September 10.

The first match of the season is supposed to be the clash between the reigning champions Kansas City Chiefs and Houston Texans at the Arrowhead Stadium.

Online Sportsbooks Release 2020 NFL Odds

Even though the 2020 NFL season starts in more than three months, top online bookmakers have already released their odds for future bets. Kansas City Chiefs are the main favorites for winning their second Super Bowl in a row.

However, sportsbooks believe this team is going to be closely challenged by Baltimore Ravens, who are given exactly the same chances for winning the Super Bowl LV.

Kansas City Chiefs +750

Baltimore Ravens +750

New Orleans Saints +1200

San Francisco 49ers +1200

Tampa Bay Buccaneers +1200

Dallas Cowboys +2000

Green Bay Packers +2000

Buffalo Bills +2500

Indianapolis Colts +2500

New England Patriots +2500

Philadelphia Eagles +2500

Seattle Seahawks +2500

Minnesota Vikings +3300