Fury vs Schwarz: “I Will Leave Him in a Heap on the Floor”

Tyson Fury staring off at the camera
  • Fury comes back in a fight against Schwarz
  • This is the German’s first big fight
  • Fury expects to leave Schwarz in a heap on the floor

Tyson Fury will face his considerably less experienced German, Tom Schwarz, in his first fight since the draw with Deontay Wilder in December

Fury Gearing Up for Schwarz Game

If you are a Tyson Fury fan then you should prepare for the upcoming clash between “the Gypsy King” and Tom Schwarz, the undefeated German boxer whom not many people outside his native Germany have heard about. The game is taking place on June 15, Saturday in the early hours of the day.

Fury is coming back after a controversial draw against Deontay Wilder last December when Wilder was supposed to lose by a technical KO, but the referees settled for a draw. Not that this subsided Fury’s good spirits in the slightest, but the game should have gone differently insofar the final result was concerned.

Meanwhile, if you are keen on not missing a single thing about the upcoming game, here is our quick rundown:

  • Date: Early on Saturday, June 15
  • Venue: MGM Grand, Las Vegas
  • Watch live: ESPN

With the event already set up, all that is left for fans is to make their bets and wait for the showdown. In the meanwhile, here is what you should know about the fighters.

Tyson Fury Not in a Dark Place, He Says

Fury is one of the most delightfully showy boxers there is. An upbeat joker with an inexhaustible sense of humor, Fury has been an inspiration to many. He fought long and hard to overcome depression and lost 70 kilos to get back in fighting form.

In light of his upcoming fight, Fury appeared jovial as is his wont during the official press conference. He spoke German briefly to Schwarz, pronouncing himself “the best boxer in the world,” with Schwarz nodding in agreement.

There was no animosity between the two with Fury pretending to kiss his opponent and calling him a “handsome man”. He also threatened a travelling fan in Las Vegas who started singing 10 German Bombers while Schwarz was speaking at which point Fury warned them to “shut your mouth or I’ll smack it in”

Fury did threaten to leave Schwarz “in heap on the floor,” though he also admitted that underestimating an opponent could cost fighters dearly in boxing. A recent example was the clash between Anthony Joshua and Andy Ruiz Jr. with the Brit getting knocked out by the unlikely opponent. He recently discussed Joshua’s defeat:

Fury’s Style Comes with a Weak Punch and Quick Dancing Stance

Tyson Fury definitely doesn’t have a forceful punch for a person his size. In fact, his height has been often held against him, but despite that, he seems to be a natural born talent. What Fury does well is to dance with the opponent.

He has proven his natural talent for dodging oncoming punches and prodding the weaknesses in other fighters defence. In the case of Wilder, the somewhat loud-mouth boxer ate quite a few of Fury’s punches, because unlike him, he doesn’t really prioritise technique.

Wilder had a devastating hit, but he landed with a sort of cycling movement which left him open to Fury’s well-delivered face throws. In a word, Fury knows how to defeat not with brute force, but with a tacit and determined fighting style.

Schwarz Young Age Will Help Him

Undefeated, Schwarz has 24 victories to his name, out of which 16 were KOs. Schwarz is also little known to the general boxing community as he had mostly fought back home. He has a few notable achievements under his belt, mostly defending regional and inter-continental titles.

The fight against Fury is going to be a significant step-up from what young Schwarz is used to, but just like the game between Joshua and Ruiz, nobody really knows what to expect. Fury is a tough opponent who has come back from KOs and who knows how to dance around the rink. What about young Schwarz?

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