Gareth Bale Coming to the MLS?

Gareth Bale’s future still remains an enigma after all this time. The next destination of the Welsh superstar crates a lot of speculations. Among many stories, the ones involving the MLS league are attracting a lot of attention.

Inter Miami and LA Galaxy Chasing Bale

Bale will be the biggest name in the MLS if he chooses to head overseas. There is no debate about it, as he not only comes from Real Madrid, but also has numerous honors behind himself.

Just to remind you, Bale won four UEFA Champions League trophies and has three FIFA Club World Cup and UEFA Super Cup titles. You all probably remember his fantastic goal against Liverpool in the UCL finals, back in 2018. It is one of the best moves in the finals ever.

Now, the list of his potential destinations is very long, and among numerous teams we have Inter Miami and LA Galaxy from the MLS league.

The franchise from Florida has massive plans for the future and which is why their co-owner David Beckham wants to bring the former Tottenham Hotspur player. Bale is one of the few eligible superstars on the market, and also the one who might accept the offer to go to the USA. If the English legend persuades the player to land in Miami, it would make this club in the center of attention, and make him famous right away.

On the other side, LA Galaxy needs a replacement for Zlatan Ibrahimovic, who came back to Europe, to be precise to AC Milan. After his departure, Galaxy lost its biggest star and the top goalscorer, which is damaging this organization in two ways. First, consider marketing as Ibra presented the most prominent face of the league for sure. On the other side, he scored goals and provided assists, and was a pivotal part of the team. Without him, Galaxy’s chances for some noticeable results are severely deteriorated.

Bale’s presence upfront would be a massive boost, and although he isn’t a typical striker like Ibrahimovic, the Welsh could help a lot. His physical condition is at a much higher level than Ibra’s, and he is much younger than the Swedish international.

Real’s Problems With the Welsh Superstar

The 30-year old is not in a good relationship with his current club, Real Madrid. Los Blancos want to see him leaving as soon as possible, and they even tried to get rid of the player in the past. However, unlike many previous situations in which Real humiliated its big legends when deciding to move away from them, this time they ran onto a bit different case.

Bale refused all sorts of negotiations regarding his future and decided to stay in Madrid, taking more than $410,000 per week, which is his salary. He felt frustrated at the beginning due to the club’s intention to deal with him in a bit diminishing way, and eventually decided to retaliate by hurting the Los Blancos on the financial aspect.

As time went by, Bale began playing once again under Zinedine Zidane, but his issues with the club are still not resolved, and Real desperately looks for a potential buyer, decreasing the transfer fee from month to month.