Glover Teixeira Defeats Anthony Smith via TKO at UFC Fight Night 171

Glover Teixeira proved that age is not a problem for him, after beating Anthony Smith last night in Jacksonville. The veteran Brazilian was more than dominant in this fight, proving to everyone that he still has enough juice to be among the elite of the UFC light heavyweight division.

Teixeira’s Domination

Glover was a bit on the back foot in the first round and a half, but afterward, he displayed a fantastic performance and completely destroyed Smith. During the fight, the American stated at some point that he felt his teeth coming out, which was after he survived a massive beating from the 40-year old.

In the third and the fourth round, Teixeira was hurting his rival from all sorts of positions, but he was especially powerful in the ground, where he didn’t leave the slightest chance to Smith to get out without a tough beating.

There is a substantial number of fans and experts who claim that the referee should have stopped the match much earlier and are pointing fingers towards Smith’s corner also. In their worlds, Lionheart as the fans call him, suffered a lot of beating and even though he wanted to continue to battle, it wasn’t a smart decision to allow him that.

Smith stated that he doesn’t agree on that, while on the other side, Dana White stands in a completely different position.

“The ref could’ve stopped that in the fourth,” White said. “Us sitting on the outside, it was a little tough to watch.”

In the end, Smith lost a couple of teeth, had a fractured orbital bone and a broken nose. However, he stated that at the moment, he feels fine.

Glover’s Title Shot Plans

Even though he didn’t specifically say anything, the Brazilian is hoping to have another shot at the light heavyweight title. The first one ended with him losing against Jon Jones at the UFC 172, six years ago. That was the only time when he participated in one title battle.

Right now, he is on a four-win streak, which is impressive for a guy with 40 years and is only the second fighter in history with such an achievement.

Since his loss to Corey Anderson in July 2018, Teixeira defeated Karl Roberson, Ion Cutelaba, Nikita Kyrilov, and now Smith, who was not so long ago a title challenger. The Lionheart would suffer a defeat to Jones via unanimous decision and, after that, defeat Alexander Gustafsson.

In order for the Brazilian to have another chance to win the belt and round his fantastic career, some other things need to be sorted out first. Jones recently got into another problem, after being arrested on several charges, and his current status is still not resolved.

Having in mind that he already had troubles in the past, we might see him in a pretty bad situation, which is why some experts predict that the UFC would have to strip him of his title.

Who will compete for the vacant belt, what would be the plans of the organization, and would there be a chance for Teixeira to jump in are all the legit questions, but without an answer for now.