Griezmann Has Decided to Leave Atletico Madrid

Griezmann transfer

French World Cup Champion Antoine Griezmann has decided to leave Atletico Madrid in search of new adventures.


Griezmann Has Decided to Try His Luck with a New Club

Last summer, Atletico Madrid fans found out that Antoine Griezmann had decided to stay with them instead of taking his talents to Barcelona by watching his Lebron James style documentary ‘La Decision’, which is of course Spanish for ‘The Decision’. After an unsuccessful season that saw them not challenge for the league title and choke against Juventus in the return leg of the Champions League round of 16, the Frenchman that has spent his entire professional career in Spain is leaving Atletico Madrid.

Instead of ‘La Decision 2.0’, Griezmann was kind enough to save them the grief and deliver the news like this:


Since joining them at the start of the 2013-14 season, he has been their best player. He was voted Liga BBVA Player of the Season in 2016 and twice finished 3rd in the Balon D’Or race, the award given to the world’s best player. In terms of team honors, he led his team to a Europa Cup title in 2017-2018 scoring two goals in the final. At 28 years, it makes perfect sense for him to move now and try to add to his trophy collection at club level. Every team in Europe will be after his services, at least those that can afford his $139.5-million-dollar buyout clause. That narrows the list of suitors to just a few teams with Barcelona at the head of the pack.


Where Does Griezmann Fit in at Barcelona?

A player like Antoine Griezmann can walk into most sides in the world but the fact that he almost joined Barcelona last year does make them the most likely destination. The question becomes then where do you play him?

When you have the type of all around game that Griezmann does, finding him a position should not be an issue:


The answer to the question of where he fits in isn’t a simple one but the possibilities are also endless. The combination of Messi and Griezmann combining in the same forward line is almost ridiculous. The only question at that point is do they keep Luis Suarez or get a younger player to make the runs behind a stretched defensive line. Whatever the scenario that combination is a building block to domestic and European success. After humiliating Champions League losses in consecutive years, Barcelona will have a Champions League or bust mind set going into next season. That fits perfectly with Griezmann’s aspirations after loosing in two Champions League finals himself with Atletico.

This would also likely spell the end at Barcelona for Philippe Coutinho. The Griezmann move is still just speculation but the possibility of him leaving exists anyway with how disappointed everyone around the club seems to be with his performance since joining from Liverpool. There is also the question of Ousmane Dembele who showed flashes of his immense potential and looks set to continue his growth as long as he can keep his head straight off the pitch.

With all of that being said, you can expect Barcelona, Manchester United and PSG to be among the clubs fighting for the signature of Antoine Griezmann, one of the world’s best players.

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