Hamilton Closes the Season With a Win in Abu Dhabi

Lewis Hamilton victoriously ended his championship run, winning the last race of the year at Abu Dhabi Grand Prix. The Brit showed magnificent composure and consistency, posting his 84th career-win.

Fantastic Lewis Wins Without Problems

Hamilton earned the pole position at yesterday’s qualifying session, leaving behind his teammate Valtteri Bottas who had to start last, due to the penalty for changing his engine. 

However, that didn’t create any troubles for the champ who was confident from the start until the end and didn’t have any dramatic situation. He was using all the mistakes his rivals had, and slowly built a safe advantage, improving his time from lap to lap. 

It was much more interesting behind him where Ferrari and Red Bull had their fights. Leclerc and Verstappen were relentless, and the fans had an opportunity to see one hell of a contest between these two. Eventually, the Dutchman finished second, while Charles ended third. However, his position is under review due to fuel issues. 

Behind them were Sebastian Vettel and Alexander Albon, who also put up a show of their own. The two drivers had the same, if not a better battle than the two above-mentioned, only, in this case, Ferrari’s star was better. 

Sergio Perez, Lando Norris, Danil Kvyat and Carlos Sainz Jr. took the remaining positions which brought points.

As for Hamilton, this was his 50th win from the pole position, and 19th in which he led from the start all the way until the end. His 413 points this season are the personal-best for the Brit. After winning 11 of 21 races in the championship, we can say that his performance in this campaign was pretty much one-sided domination.

Valtteri Bottas ended second in the standings having 326 points, while Max Verstappen finished third with 278. Ferrari didn’t have a representative among the top three drivers as Leclerc and Vettel reached No.4 and No.5.

What Happens Next?

There are lots of speculations for the upcoming season. Some are suggesting massive and radical changes. The biggest one is that Hamilton might end up in Ferrari, although having a contract with Mercedes. His recent statements and the signals given from Prancing Horse’s headquarters are suggesting that there is something going on between the two sides.

Whether it is because Mercedes’ plans to land Max Verstappen or something else we don’t quite know, but all this happened after stories of Dutchman’s move to the Silver Arrow. It is possible that the six-time champ wants to pressure the management of his current team to give him a lucrative deal, which would keep him around until the end of the career. But also, with guarantees that he will remain the No.1 driver in the team.

On the other side, it appears that Sebastian Vettel might be on Ferrari’s exit doors. The disappointment with the results is mutual, but what was the last straw for the German was the team’s apparent favoring of Charles Leclerc.

So we can expect a hot winter when it comes to F1 free agency. 

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