Has Mercedes Already Won F1 2019 Season?

By the looks of it, they have.

Or consider these: Mercedes has registered an unprecedented consecutive top-two finish in the first five races of the season. Their closest rival Ferrari is struggling with a host of problems. Mercedes drivers Lewis Hamilton and Valtteri Bottas are engaged in a healthy duel for the drivers’ crown. No team can think of a better possible start.

So, we can safely say that Mercedes has more or less settled the title race of the season. The others can compete for the second position.

Triumph in Spanish Grand Prix Confirms Mercedes Dominance

Spanish Grand Prix, the fifth race of the season, is important in more ways than one. It marks the start of the European phase. It is held in the Catalunya Circuit in Barcelona. All the teams are familiar with the circuit, as it is the favored training circuit in the world.

Moreover, Ferrari had made changes to the car ahead of the race for forcing a turn-around to their fortunes. Mercedes had already won the first four races emphatically.

Spain was where Ferrari was expected to make a strong statement. But it did not happen. As it turned out, Hamilton won the race, with Bottas finishing second. Ferrari’s drivers Sebastian Vettel and Charles Leclerc finished fourth and fifth, respectively. Red Bull’s Max Verstappen sneaked into the third position.

The result was so disappointing that Ferrari’s Team Principal Mattia Binotto even hinted at a problem with the car design concept. He said:

“We’re losing a lot in each single corner. Quite a lot of understeer. It’s something which we really need to analyse. [It could be] a matter of balance, a matter of downforce – maybe even car concept.”

Topping the Points Table in Style

A look at the F1 points table would reveal the complete dominance Mercedes has on this season. They lead the Constructors’ race 96 points. Mercedes has scored 217 points from five races, while Ferrari has managed just 121. Red Bull is a distant third with 87 points.

In the drivers’ competition, it is an intra-team competition between Hamilton and Bottas. Hamilton has a seven-point lead over Bottas. Hamilton has scored 112 points against Bottas’ 105. Verstappen is at third with 66 points. Vettel is at fourth, having managed just 64 points, while Leclerc is further below with 57 points.

The way things are going, nobody would bet in favor of Ferrari turning the tides.