Junior Browne  |  Thu 20th Dec   | NFL

The Pro Bowl may not be the most exciting all star game but making the roster does hold significance for players around the league. We take a look at the biggest snubs from this year’s Pro Bowl.

Unlucky Andrew Luck

After a long bout with injury that had some wondering if Andrew Luck could ever return to the player he was before injury. He’s has answered that question and then some.

He must feel somewhat disappointed to not see his name on the AFC Pro Bowl roster. After all he does have more touchdowns than Philip Rivers and Tom Brady who both made the team. If you had to remove one of the three to give Luck a spot, you would have a very hard time with that.

Clearly Pat Mahomes is untouchable with the season he’s having so that’s out of the question. So that leaves us with Tom Brady or Philip Rivers. Of the two Rivers is the more deserving which leaves us with Tom Brady.

As much as the Patriots seem to be struggling, that’s really due to the fact that they’ve set the bar so high, anything other than excellence is seen as failure. The reality is the Patriots are having a better season than the Colts and Brady is a large part of that which gets him the nod ahead of Luck.

Although not making it to the Pro Bowl must be disappointing for Luck, if he leads his team to an improbable playoff appearance, it has to be assumed he would much rather that than a meaningless all star game appearance.

The Colts have a ton of young talent including an offensive line that was playing out of it’s mind earlier this season. They have a young star in the making in Darius Leonard who was also snubbed for the Pro Bowl despite leading the league in tackles. Things are looking bright in Indianapolis and it all starts with Andrew Luck’s health.

NFC South with the most snubs

Considering his team might be the best in the league and they rely heavily on that run game for success, it’s understandable that Alvin Kamara will feel like this snub is unfair. Maybe part of it is due to the unbelievable rookie season he had last year. Whatever the reason, his omission seems like an over site if not straight up disrespect.

It’s another case of who do you leave out. Although Saquan Barkley has had a spectacular rookie season, his team has no chance of making the playoffs. All things being fair, one of the most important players on the best team in the regular season should be picked ahead of a rookie having a good year on a really bad team.

Kamara isn’t the only NFC South running back who should feel a little disrespected.

Christian McCaffrey will have over 1,000 yards rushing and over 100 receptions as a running back which in the past meant you were guaranteed to make the Pro Bowl.

Considering Kamara didn’t make the cut, McCaffrey really had no chance in the end.

Last but not least, the player that probably has the strongest case for being upset is Mike Evans. Mike Evans didn’t make the cut despite being second in the league in receiving yards to Julio Jones. His team isn’t going to make the playoffs but that certainly isn’t because of Evans.

Think about the fact that only Julio has more receiving yards that the fact that his quarterbacks are not even close to Matt Ryan’s level and you begin to see just how unbelievable of a season Mike Evans is actually having.

Junior Browne