Joe Burrow, LSU Tigers Win the CFP Title, Defeat Clemson 42-15

LSU Tigers won their fourth national title after beating the reigning champions, Clemson Tigers, in the CFP Finals last night. Ed Orgeron’s guys were better, posting a 42-25 victory, with amazing Joe Burrow leading the way, producing yet another fantastic performance.

Burrow’s Domination

The Heisman Trophy winner became the first major-program player to throw 60 or more touchdowns during one season. Five of them were against Clemson in the finals. Burrow’s performance could only be described as unreal, as he tore apart the former champions’ defense in all sorts of ways.

“This is what I wanted to do from the time I was 5 years old, was hoist this trophy, and bringing it back to Louisiana,” Burrow said

He would even score a running touchdown, which was, by the way, the most important moment of the match. Back then, Clemson had a lead, and was looking better on the field. Burrow couldn’t get into his usual rhythm, and several of his opening drives were stopped. The only positive thing was a 52-yard pass to Ja’Marr Chase, but after that, the rivals responded with a field goal and a touchdown.

However, after he carried the football into the endzone with 9:17 remaining until the break, two more TD came, the latter with 10 seconds before the halftime.

Clemson tried to come back after the pause, but they couldn’t solve the enigma called Joe Burrow.

LSU’s QB threw 463 yards, 31-of-49, had 58 rushing ones, taking his team to another level. We need to add that he had a lot of help coming from Ja’Marr Chase, who was his preferred target with 221 yards in 9 catches. The fantastic wide receiver posted two scores and a new record for a CFP championship game when looking at the number of yards won.

The new champions won all of their 15 matches this season, and coach Ed Orgeron became one of the few who managed to achieve such a thing. LSU was by far the best team in college football, and they proved that by beating the former champs who had 28 straight wins, and a quarterback who won the championship last season.

Lawrence Failed to Show Up

Trevor Lawrence was considered to be one of the few guys who might be able to stop Burrow on his way to a CFP title. But Clemson’s leader failed to deliver the expected performance. After winning last year’s MVP honors in the finals, many were foreseeing history repeating.

Eventually, those people didn’t even see Lawrence throwing a TD pass, let alone competing with Burrow.

In the end, the 20-year old ended the night with 234 yards, completing 18 of his 37 passing attempts without any touchdowns or interceptions. He had a rushing touchdown, which didn’t help a lot in the end. Lawrence also had one lost fumble, His stats are better than during the previous season, but it is still unclear will he enter the draft this season, or wait one more year.

Analysists have divided opinions on that matter, with one saying that he shouldn’t wait anymore, and others suggesting that staying in college for one more year would be a perfect choice. The competition at this draft may lower his position, and place him in at some team where Lawrence wouldn’t have a chance to show his talent.

Either way, it is up for him to decide.