Joe Flacco in Jets, Carlos Hyde in Seahawks

Two big deals took place in the NFL market last night. Joe Flacco signed for the Jets, and Carlos Hyde landed in Seattle.

Flacco Mentoring Darnold

According to all the experts, this was a logical step for the Jets, who need someone to replace and take care of the No.3 pick in the 2018 NFL draft.

Flacco, who was released from the Broncos this March, agreed to a one-year deal, worth $1.5 million, which could rise to $3 million with all the incentives.

Jets were 0-6 in games in which Darnold didn’t start, and have lost 11 straight when his backups played, meaning that the franchise from New York needed an experienced replacement who has the knowledge and the ability to lead the team when on the field.

Flacco ended the last season early, after picking up a neck injury in Week 8 against the Colts. He would undergo surgery this April and, hopefully, solved those issues. Meanwhile, the Broncos decided to move on from the veteran and picked Drew Lock as their starting QB.

In 8 games in Denver, Flacco threw 1,822 yards, had six touchdowns and five interceptions with 8 fumbles, and three of them lost.

During his 11-year stay in Baltimore, Flacco, although often criticized and doubted, became one of the biggest names in the history of the franchise. With him, in the QB position, the Ravens won the Super Bowl XLVII, and the player himself earned the Super Bowl MVP award.

During those playoffs, he was unbelievable, posting 11 touchdowns in four appearances, without a single interception, and with 1,140 yards. He was perfect in the SB with 287 yards and 3 TD passes. It was his fourth straight 100+ passer rating performance in that postseason.

However, as time went by, Flacco’s stats deteriorated, and once Lamar Jackson replaced him two seasons ago, it was obvious that the Ravens will move on from him.

The Jets don’t expect him to lead the team, but to jump in from time to time, and for a salary they gave Flacco, they hit the jackpot according to the reactions following the deal.

Seahawks Land Carlos Hyde

The 30-year old running back decided to accept a one-year offer from the Seattle Seahawks and create an excellent duo with Chris Carson.

After hearing the news about this deal, the entire NFL community started debating about the quality of the Seahawks’ running game. A vast majority belives that Pete Carroll has the strongest one-two in the backfield, and that the Seahawks are serious candidates for winning the Super Bowl after this.

Hyde played for the Houston Texans last year and posted career-high 1,070 yards with 6 TDs. He appeared in all 16 matches for Bill O’Brien’s crew, but hit the free agency at the end of the season, after Houston brought David Johnson.

This was Hyde’s fifth move in the last three seasons. He was drafted as the 57th pick overall by the 49ers in 2014, moved to the Browns in 2018, but was traded in October to the Jacksonville Jaguars. The Jags released him at the end of the season, and the player joined the Chiefs. Without playing for a single game, KC traded him to the Texans on August 31, 2019.

He has 32 touchdowns in 80 appearances, 57 of them as the starter and 4,340 yards on 1,072 carries, since becoming a pro.