Joe Johnson Signs With Pistons

Joe Johnson turned his time in the Big 3 into an NBA contract as he’s just signed a deal with the Detroit Pistons after working out for a few teams.

Joe Johnson Is Back in the NBA

Veteran wingman Joe Johnson has signed a deal with the Detroit Pistons. Johnson’s deal will worth $2.6 million dollars. Joe Johnson is the first player from Ice Cube’s league the Big 3 to get a shot with an NBA team based on how he performed there. Most of the players in the league are passed their prime but Johnson showed he can still get buckets. The man known in the NBA for years as “Iso Joe” can still get you a basket when you need one.

Only $200, 000 of the deal is guaranteed which makes sense from a Pistons point of view. Joe Johnson is 38 years old and they want to make sure that he can endure the rigours of the NBA regular season. If he is still on the squad after January 7th, his contract will become fully guaranteed.

Other Big 3 Players Unlikely to Get a Shot

While Joe Johnson’s story is a great one, we shouldn’t expect to start seeing a wave of players from the Big 3 jump to the NBA. The first reason is it’s a 3 on 3 league so it’s hardly a showcase that a player can still get it done at the highest level. Joe Johnson is a special case due to the fact that he just recently played on an NBA roster. Also his skill set is unique and can still work in the modern NBA due to his combination of outside shooting and size.

Joe Johnson will be a 7th or 8th man at best for the Pistons and in an ideal scenario, if they do make the playoffs he can provide some veteran leadership and some extra scoring punch. There are very few if any players currently in the Big 3 that fit that criteria.

Joe Johnson’s Basketball Journey Has Been a Long One

In his career, Joe Johnson has played for the Boston Celtics, Phoenix Suns, Atlanta Hawks, Brooklyn Nets, Miami Heat and the Utah Jazz. In this last NBA season in 2017-18 he played for the Houston Rockets. The Pistons make his eighth team and if there’s one thing that he’s shown us, a guy who can score at will always has a place in this league.

People will be quick to point out the case of Carmelo Anthony and wonder why Johnson gets another shot but not him. The major difference there is that Johnson is closer to being Lou Williams than Melo. That isn’t to disrespect either Williams or Joe Johnson. The fact is that those two have never been expected to carry a franchise. They are simply guys who have an uncanny ability to get hot at any time. Melo has had a hard time adjusting to a secondary role whereas Williams and Johnson are more suited to that.

Iso Joe’s Gets Another Round

There was a time where “ISO Joe” could be the best player on a playoff team but those days are long gone. What still remains is his love of the game to go along with the skill set that will always be coveted in the league. Iso Joe is the Big 3 MVP and this summer he earned his way back to the big time.