Joel Embiid Fights Karl-Anthony Towns

Joel Embiid and Karl Anthony Town get into a fight in the Wolves Sixers game in an incident that has been a long time coming with these two.

Joel Embiid and Karl Anthony Towns Have Never Liked Each Other

The fight between Joel Embiid and Karl-Anthony Towns (KAT) seems inevitable. The two have been trading social media shots for a while and the dislike has always seemed very real. Embiid who is known in NBA circles for his ability to get in the opposition’s head seems to relish getting KAT riled up.

After what seemed like a nothing foul, both men got tied up and the fight spilled onto the floor. Sixers point guard Ben Simmons ended up getting involved, eventually putting KAT in a headlock. Suspensions seem obvious for Embiid and KAT with the possibility that Simmons might face discipline as well.

The Fighting Didn’t End on The Court

Both players were not done with the incident once the game was over. They continued to trade shots at each other over social media. On his way out of off the court, Embiid seemed to try to get the crowd riled up. One person he certainly upset was KAT’s mother who flipped Embiid off on his way out.

Of course Embiid wasn’t going to just let things be. He even got Jimmy Butler involved who had his own issues with KAT during his time in Minnesota.

This is not the kind of thing the NBA wants but there’s hardly anything they can do to stop it either. The topic of free speech has been a touchy subject around the NBA since the incident in China so they are unlikely to even consider telling both to stop.

Suspensions Looming For Both Players

The NBA is currently investigating the incident with the likelihood that both players will be suspended. It’s hard to imagine an on court fight not leading to suspension so it’s really just a matter of how many games both will miss. Although Ben Simmons was also involved, it isn’t clear if he will face discipline.

According to referee Mark Ayotte, Simmons was acting as a peacemaker which is why he was not tossed. The Wolves aren’t buying that story saying that they feel like Simmons put KAT in a dangerous choke hold. That seems like a bit of an exaggeration, honestly. While it was a choke hold, Simmons does not look like he is acting out of aggression. At first it appears like he is calmly trying to separate the two. After all he is protecting one of his teammates which is a normal reaction and from what we’ve seen in the past, it appears KAT and Simmons are at least friendly off the court. I’m not sure what suspending Simmons does to help the Wolves in the western conference.

Embiid Needs to Let Go of This Stuff

Although it probably won’t happen, Joel Embiid is too good of a player to waste his time with social media fights. Regardless of what he says, his taunting of KAT in the past brought the bad blood that led to this incident. He’s had problems with several players in the past as honestly, he’s getting too old for this nonsense.