Jon Jones Revoking His UFC Light Heavyweight Title

Jon Jones’ beef with the UFC boss Dana White has just reached the melting point. The reigning UFC Lightweight Heavyweight champ tweeted a couple of hours ago that’s he’s vacating the title.

The cause of all the fuss was the negotiation about a fight with Francis Ngannou, which White claimed fell through due to Jones’ high pay demands.

Jones’ reasoning for wanting a higher-than-usual payout for the super-fight is the fact that he’s getting hurt every time he gets inside the Octagon, while the promotion is that gets the spoils.

Even though he’s asserted he’s vacating the title, Jones did say he’s ready to return in 2021 if the UFC becomes “willing to pay by then.”

Jon Jones vs Francis Ngannou Odds

Fighter NameOdds at
Jon Jones+125
Francis Ngannou-145

*Odds taken June 1

Even though the deal seems to have fallen through, some MMA betting sites still offer odds for the Jon Jones vs Francis Ngannou fight.

As per the odds, Jones would have been the underdog in that fight, adding to the speculation that money might not be the only factor behind his decision to give up on the title.   

‘Bones’ Is No More

In his last night’s Twitter rant, Jon Jones also announced he’s renouncing his nickname ‘Bones.’

From now on, he wants people to refer to him as JJ.

You would think that ‘Bones’ comes from his bone-crushing MMA performances. However, he got this nickname back when he was playing high school football. As he said himself, back then, he was tall and skinny, with “little chicken legs.”

That’s what apparently made him look funny while wearing full football gear. He got nicknamed “Bones Jones while his brother got the nickname “Beefy Jones.”

Dana White Not Backing Down

Jon Jones’s Twitter rant came as a reaction to Dana White’s post-fight news conference on Saturday evening. When asked about Jones, white said that the fighter has done a very good job of tarnishing his own name without any help from the UFC.

In one of his tweets, he said I tarnished his name. I tarnished you? You’ve done a very good job of tarnishing you.

Dana White hitting back at Jon Jones

White said he doesn’t care much about what Jones is saying, suggesting that Jones’ private life was what stained his professional career.

Jon Jones’ Checkered Past

Dana White was obviously talking about Jon Jones’ past, which is full of controversies. The fighter has a “bad boy” reputation, having had trouble with the law on many occasions. His most recent trouble happened in March when he got a DUI charge.

When that happened, some online bookmakers decided to release odds on Jon Jones getting arrested again in 2020.

Other controversies with Jon Jones in the main role include a hit-and-run incident involving a pregnant woman, crashing his car into a pole, attacking a contain waitress, and so on.

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