Kansas City Chiefs in Lead with +140 Odds to Win Super Bowl

  • The Kansas City Chiefs now listed as the favorites to win the Super Bowl with +140
  • To reach the Super Bowl, the Chiefs will have to play the Titans in the AFC Championship Game
  • Chiefs haven’t played in a Super Bowl game since 1970 making a wager on the Titans a perfect value betting opportunity

In an outstanding upset, the Kansas City Chiefs dominated the Houston Texans and will now be facing the Tennessee Titans on their way to the Super Bowl.

Chiefs Betting Odds Ahead of Titans in AFC Game

What a stunning Divisional Round it was. The Titans blasted their way through the Ravens in an outstanding 28-12 rout that left the crowds wowed and Titans’ fans beyond themselves with delight. But if there is one game that deserves a proper highlight, that’s the showdown between the Houston Texans and the Kansas City Chiefs.

The Chiefs rode to an overwhelming victory for a final score of 51-31 against the Texans in what was probably one of the most spectacular games of the season and certainly the playoffs, if not NFL history.

Next, the Chiefs are heading into the AFC Championship Game where they will be facing the Tennessee Titans. The Chiefs are given (-350) betting odds on the moneyline whereas the Titans are cited as the underdog with (+280).

Team Moneyline Spread Totals
Kansas City Chiefs -350 -7½ -102 Un 52 -105
Tennessee Titans +280 +7½ +118 Ov 52 -115

Odds updated on January 13th.

Beyond current form, there is also history to take into consideration. The Kansas City Chiefs have not had much luck dealing with AFC games. In fact, they lost in both 1967 and 1970 in what was then the AFL.

The Titans, on the flipside, have managed to blast their way against the Jacksonville Jaguars with 33-14 in 1999 and secure a place at the Super Bowl. Will history repeat itself remains to be seen.

Conquering the Super Bowl – An Important Feat and No Less

The Super Bowl is definitely going to be a major challenge as is. As mentioned, the Chiefs may be cited as outright favorites in their games against the Titans, but they are definitely going to face a tough opposition even if they make it to the finals where they are most likely going to play the 49ers.

Should history repeat itself, the Chiefs won’t see another Super Bowl. Last they entered the big scramble for the title was in 1970. Their most recent victory against the Patriots showed that the Chiefs could be unstoppable, true, but it also probably led to some wear-and-tear in Andy Reid’s camp.

Besides,Patrick Mahomes managed to throw five touchdowns, making history and becoming the first NFL player who had done so. But so far as good scoring goes, the Titans are the true star of the season.

How Strong Are the Titans?

For the Chiefs to fulfil the sportsbooks prophecy and make it into the Super Bowl they would have to defeat the Titans. Yet, how good are the Titans right now? The team managed to eliminate the Baltimore Ravens with 28-12 on Saturday, routing the Super Bowl favorites.

Besides the Titans have pulled off a 9-3 over their past 12 games and they managed to defeat both the Ravens – evidently, and the Patriots. In a sense, the team has bested the Super Bowl favorites and the top defending team all in the same season.

There is also history, which suggests that out of Tennessee’s four games versus the Chiefs, the Titans are far more likely to win – at least insofar as history goes.

The question is whether the Chiefs will have to deal with a fast-paced game where dozens of points are exchanged or whether the game would be a one-sided rout where the Titans’ defense would prove too difficult to overcome.

Image credit: Wikipedia Commons