Kansas City Chiefs Win the Super Bowl LIV !

Kansas City Chiefs won the Super Bowl LIV defeating the San Francisco 49ers, 31-20. It is their first Super Bowl ever, and the first title since winning one in 1969 when they conquered the AFL.

Fantastic Comeback for the Chiefs

Andy Reid’s guys were behind 20-10 in the final period, and they even handed the football to the 49ers early on in that quarter.


Last year’s MVP and arguably the greatest talent at the quarterback position ever, Patrick Mahomes led the Chiefs to another comeback, after doing the same in the previous two playoff rounds.

Mahomes and the rest of the KC’s crew scored three touchdowns in some six minutes, to knockout San Francisco and their head coach Kyle Shanahan.

This was the second time Shanahan is on the losing side after his team has a 10-point advantage in the final sequence of one Super Bowl. Previously he called the plays for the Atlanta Falcons against the Patriots in that epic SB LI.

The Chiefs raised from the ashes, with Mahomes leading the way, and coming up with two long throws, one 44 yards to Tyreek Hill, and the other 38 yards to Sammy Watkins. Travis Kelce posted the first TD, which cut the deficit to 20-17, and Damien Williams added another TD catch inside the end zone.

The same player put an end on this contest, with a 38-yard run, some 72 seconds to go, and set off a massive celebration of the Kansas City’s fans at the Hard Rock stadium.

Williams became the first player in the Super Bowl with 100+rushing yards and with both a receiving and a rushing touchdown. However, he didn’t win the MVP award. That honor went to Mahomes.

Last year’s league MVP had two touchdown passes, two interceptions, two fumbles, but was instrumental in the offense when needed. Mahomes would end the night with 286 yards, and also with one rushing touchdown.

In the moments when the game was on the line, Chiefs’ QB was more than instrumental finding all the best solutions and pushing his team forward.

Williams meanwhile, had 104 rushing yards, 29 receiving and two TDs.

Shanahan’s Another Disaster

The 49ers’ head coach Kyle Shanahan is now a part of two Super Bowl defeats in which one side had a double-digit advantage during the fourth period, and managed not to win the trophy.

It is a heavy burden that will definitely follow him in the years to come. His 49ers were superb throughout the entire season, and the young head coach was the key reason for that. He built this team almost from scratches, selecting the players, and carefully implementing them in his system.

Many believed that Vince Lombardy trophy would end in California after this clash, but that didn’t happen.

Jimmy Garoppolo failed to show up when it was necessary, posting 219 yards, only one touchdown, and two interceptions.

San Francisco didn’t have a reliable target in key situations, and although they had a diverse attack, with five players under 42, but above 36 receiving yards, they lacked leadership.

The NFL campaign is over now, and we are ahead of probably one very interesting offseason, which might see several big moves.