Kevin Durant Might Play if the Season is Resumed

After Sean Marks gave the interview to the local media back home in New Zealand, many believe that there is a chance to see Kevin Durant back on the floor once COVID-19 pandemic calms down.

Marks’ Comments Spark Numerous Speculations

While talking with Newshub magazine, the Brooklyn Nets’ general manager stated many things, but one was particularly interesting.

The reporter asked him what does he thinks about Kevin Durant and his recovery process and is there a chance to see the two-time NBA champion back in the game once the entire Coronavirus pandemic settles down. The original prognosis about his recovery suggested that it would last some 11 months, and the deadline for the original date is nearing, which is why the reporters wanted to know what is the situation with one of the best players in the league.

“That’s a $110m question,” Marks responded. “In all seriousness, we’ve tried not to talk about his timeline a lot.”

This comment caused the entire NBA community to explode. The majority of fans believe that Durant’s health situation is good, and that there is a chance to see him play in the next month or two.

Marks stated that he isn’t willing to force KD to get back if the player himself isn’t convinced that he isn’t ready. The stake is far too big for such a risk. Also, the Kiwi reminded everyone that Durantula had caught a COVID-19 virus also, and successfully fought with that adversity. So, pretty much, there is no need for any rush.

But, there are massive doubts in Marks’ words. Some of the experts are suggesting that he might be hiding the truth about Durant’s return. The reasons for that are numerous, starting with the one that he isn’t willing to create pressure on the player, and make some unreal expectations. KD will need some time to be in his usual mode once he is back, especially in the circumstances like these.

Durant and Irving – Nets’ New Future

Durant landed from Golden State Warriors at the start of the season, in a trade which saw D’Angelo Russell heading in the opposite direction. He would sing a four-year contract first, for $164 million before being shipped to the East Coast.

At the time, it was predicted that this move completely changes the balance of power in the league, especially because Nets brought Kyrie Irving and DeAndre Jordan also.

The franchise from Brooklyn was supposed to attack the title, if not that, at least to be in the top four teams in the East. However, following all the injuries and bad luck, the Nets aren’t anywhere near those expectations.

Even in the games in which Kyrie Irving played the team struggles, and right now, Brooklyn is No.7 in the conference just half a game in front of the Orlando Magic. They are close to the playoffs, but if they continue to play like this, there won’t be any significant result once the postseason starts. That is why many hope to see KD playing again. With him on board, even if he isn’t 100% ready, everything is much easier.