Kevin Durant Odds (Updated): Will the Trail Blazers Land KD?

  • The NBA community went wild following Lillard’s photo with Kevin Durant, both wearing Portland Trail Blazers jerseys.
  • Just hours before this photo, the odds had been released for KD’s next team, and the Trail Blazers weren’t among the top favorites.
  • The top team on the list is Miami, with the Grizzlies and the Hawks right behind. 

Damian Lillard posted the picture on his Instagram account with Kevin Durant, both wearing Portland Trail Blazers jerseys. KD was photoshopped and added next to Lillard, and the photo immediately became viral on all the networks. 

Before all this, Durant to Portland was +750. 

Is This Possible?

Per Shams Charania, Durant is monitoring the situation in the Nets and is currently considering the entire situation in Brooklyn. It appears that Kyrie Irving’s case and the fact that Uncle Drew again creates turbulences inside the organization disrupted Durant, or at least caused the media to think so. 

Some suggest that Durant plans on leaving if Kyrie departs from Brooklyn, others say that he wants to leave if Uncle Drew stays. For the moment, all comes down to speculations. 

The Blazers have enough assets to make this deal happen, and we are pretty sure that all the players apart from Lillard would be available for the transaction. As for the cash, the Trail Blazers would gladly accept all the luxury tax costs to have one of the best ever on their roster. 

Durant has four more years on his deal, worth $194 million, from which $189 million are guaranteed. 

Heat Topping the List, Grizzlies Next

Per BetOnline, if Durant leaves Brooklyn, the Miami Heat have the highest chances for his landing, +250. With a very deep roster and multiple players who would be fit for a trade, the Heat might get into a pursuit for KD, offering, for example, Tyler Herro, Duncan Robinson, Lowry, and a couple more players or picks.

The next team on the list is Memphis. Imagine having Kevin Durant and Ja Morant together, with KD being the leader of one very young and potent crew. We are well aware that the Grizzlies would have to sacrifice a lot to get this deal done, but anyway, Durant would be the most experienced player in Taylor Jenkins’ system, and this team would instantly become one of the top favorites for the title. 

The odds for this move are priced at +400, which is a hell of a bargain for a longshot.

The Atlanta Hawks are No.3 on the list with +450. The Hawks will undergo a major transformation this summer, trading several players in order to give Trae Young one more superstar, which would propel the Hawks to the top of the league. We’ve seen them soft against the Miami Heat in this year’s playoffs, and they genuinely lack one more sharpshooter besides Trae. Now, KD would come in quite handy here, wouldn’t you say?

The Phoenix Suns are +500, as they don’t have too much time before Chris Paul hits the retirement. If Deandre Ayton leaves the team, that will open the space for Durant’s landing. The Clippers are +550; the Knicks are +600, and the Thunder +800.

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