Klay Thompson’s Reaction to Laker’s McGee Dunking on Warriors

Believe it or not, there is one good thing that has come out of Klay Thompson’s injury. After the player tore his ACL, he was ordered to sit on the bench for most of the season. The one positive thing to come out of this unfortunate mishap is the player’s in-game interviews.

But only time will tell when this player will be let back onto the court, this being the first major injury of the professional basketball player’s career, we can’t really blame the team, or himself for that matter, for giving him a little time to get back to fighting speed. Steve Kerr (American professional basketball coach and former player) recently told NBC Sports Bay Area in an interview that Klay Thompson is unlikely to return in time for this season.

Opening Night

During halftime of the Warriors vs. Los Angeles Clippers game, Thompson joined the TNT crew on air to discuss his rehabilitation, as well as, the current state of his team. Upon making a statement regarding the team’s champion window being open for years to come everyone watching the interview must have been surprised while watching Thompson struggle to remain impassive and keep a straight face while Charles Barkley (former professional basketball player turned NBA analyst) told him – live on national TV – that the Warriors’ window of opportunity to the playoffs was “shut”. And this being only after watching half of the opening game.

The player managed to handle the situation like a pro when he was told to his face that his team just can’t score enough to make the cut. This was definitely a potential blunder that could have resulted in a pretty awkward interaction. Due to the player’s tact, it ended up being only a mildly cringey moment of the interview.

Wednesday Night

The event within the game that Thompson was reacting to was his former teammate JaVale McGee land an impressive backward dunk on the struggling Dubs following a failed attempt to secure a rebound during the fourth quarter of the Wednesday night game against the Los Angeles Lakers.

While looking up at the Jumbotron that was replaying the moment, Thompson merely shrugs and retorts: “He’s athletic, Good for JaVale”. This reaction, though polite, doesn’t hide the player’s obvious want to get back in the game. It’s up to the athlete to get back into fighting shape and back onto the court but for now; we can all enjoy his live reactions to the on-court action and get his opinion as his team battles it out this season.

Moreover, this game ended with a score of 120-94 with the Lakers coming out victorious over the Warriors. This marked the 10th loss of the year for the Warriors. It seems that the team may need Thompson as much as the player needs to get back out there. One thing is for sure, we’re all looking forward to more insights and reactions from this recovering player.