Lack of Mobile Sports Betting in West Virginia Affects Consistent Gains

While many states are reaping the benefits of revenue from sports betting, West Virginia is not having the same type of success.

After four consecutive weeks of profitability, West Virginia sportsbooks had a big drop off and lost more than $40,000. Making matters even worse, there was only one retail sportsbook in the state, finishing with a profit for the week ending June 15.

A big reason for the dip in profits is the mobile betting aspect being taken away. It looked like West Virginia would have it back, but the Wire Act and Apple’s new policy have put things in quite a bit of a jam.

Because there is no online sportsbook in The Mountain State, the sports betting market has found itself in a bind. For comparison purposes, over 80 percent of New Jersey sports betting revenue comes from online methods.

There are a countless number of regulations to adhere to within the state, so now sportsbook operators and even the West Virginia Lottery are tip-toeing on these guidelines before going forward with an online sportsbook.

At some point, the bigger names like DraftKings, FanDuel, and William Hill will all have their mobile platforms within the state. However, the timetable for those operators’ debut in West Virginia is unclear at this point. DraftKings will likely be the first one, considering they are the only ones to complete the state-required testing.

West Virginia ranks 38th in the United States for population in 2019, and there was a slight decrease from the previous year. The lack of mobile sports betting certainly hurts this part of the region, which doesn’t have a ton of major cities, public transportation and other sorts of things that would bring mass numbers of people together.

Perhaps, if they haven’t done so yet, those on the East coast of West Virginia can cross the border into Pennsylvania and place mobile bets there.

Ryan has been writing about sports betting for over a decade now, residing in sunny Orlando, Florida. He played 4 years of college basketball which gave him a true understanding of how athletes think and operate. Knup has become a true student of “investing” in sports and has spent endless hours studying odds, line moves, trends, stats and teams to become a true expert in sports betting.