Lakers Defeat Clippers, Extend the Lead in the West

The Los Angeles Lakers finally defeated their local rivals, the LA Clippers. After one interesting clash, the purple and gold won 112-103, keeping their No.1 seed in the Western Conference safe for the moment.

Lakers’ Convincing Win

The Lakers obtained the control of the match in the early part of the third period and kept that until the end of the same. LeBron James was fantastic in the fourth period, and the four-time MVP was involved in 19 of Lakers’ 27 points, meaning that he single-handedly tore apart the biggest rivals of his side.

The last 12 minutes ended with 27-22 in the Lakers’ favor, with the nominal guests creating the decisive lead in the third period, once they outscored the Clippers 26-28.

We’ve mentioned LeBron, but the true leader of the purple and gold was Anthony Davis. The Eyebrow scored 30 points had 8 boards and two steals, shooting 11-for-19 from the field. AD was a massive problem for the Clippers, whose Zubac and Harrell couldn’t restrain his offensive productivity.

LeBron added 28 with 7 boards and 9 assists. LBJ added 12 hits from 14 free-throw attempts, and also had two blocks, which reflects his defensive contribution.

The one guys who stood above all other sidekicks of the LAL, was Avery Bradley. The experienced guard ended the night with 24 points and two steals, making six threes in 12 attempts. He forced the Clippers’ defense to stretch and giving a chance to his teammates to exploit all the space he created while searching for a good three-point position.

Those three guys were the only ones with 20 or more points, and were in the middle of attention when talking about the Lakers.

On the other side, the Clippers had an identical situation. Paul George scored 31 points, with six boards and three steals. PG missed just one of his 11 attempts from the FT line, and was pretty good in defense.

Kawhi Leonard dropped 27 buckets, without some notable contribution in other categories. Montrezl Harrell added 20 with 8 boards, but his game was mostly focused on the offense, and he didn’t have any success in stopping Anthony Davis.

LAL Increasing the Tempo

For the LA Lakers, this was the 11th defeat in the previous 12 events, and we can say without any hesitation that the purple and gold reached their best shape since the start of the season.

Right now, the LAL has 49 wins and 13 losses, while the Clippers sit next, with 43 triumphs and 20 defeats. One game behind are the Denver Nuggets, while Utah Jazz has 41 victories and 22 losses.

The Clippers are still adjusting to the fact that they have to play with both Leonard and George in the period when they have the pressure of posting good results. Up next, this team travels to San Francisco to meet the Golden State Warriors, and after that, has three games at home. The first rivals are the Brooklyn Nets, and after them, the Pelicans and the Dallas Mavericks.

On the other side, the Lakers are also hosting the Nets, and after that, have a meeting with the Rockets and the Nuggets.