Kate Barrington  |  Wed 2nd Jan   | NFL

After a long season full of ups and downs, several coaches were fired on top of the one’s that lost their jobs during the season. All this means is the league will look very different next season with so many new coaches.

The coaches that just had to go

Those covering the NFL have been wondering for several years what will it take for Marvin Lewis to get fired. Technically he and the Cincinnati Bengals mutually parted ways. Whatever spin you want to put on it, Lewis needed to go and after 16 seasons many Bengals fans will feel a sense of relief as the team finally goes in a different direction.

The Bengals made the playoffs 7 times during Lewis’s tenure but did not win a single game. That must be very frustrating to a loyal fans base that is dying for success. Making the playoffs every other year on average to never actually win a playoff game almost seems cruel.

There does not seem to be a clear favorite for the job but change was the first step and with a new coach comes new optimism which is exactly what this franchise has been lacking for the past several years.

In Tampa Bay Coach Dirk Koetter will not be back and that is no surprise. The Tampa Bay Buccs finished in last place for a 2nd consecutive season. Although their division is one of the toughest in the NFL, this year was a down year and if they couldn’t make forward progress with Carolina and Atlanta playing below par, the reality is it was time to move on.

The Buccs have some young talent but they need to sort out the QB situation and address a subpar secondary. This will be a tricky position to fill for many reasons but starting with what are they going to do with Jameis Winston?

Teams with talent wanted change

In New York, the Jets decided to part was with Todd Bowles after finishing last in the AFC East for the last 3 years. The Patriots are the undisputed kings of that division but to finish behind the Dolphins and Bills that many years in a row is unacceptable.

The Jets job is one that will have a lot of suitors considering their QB situation. A good young quarterback is the most difficult piece to find and the Jets seems to have one in Sam Darnold meaning whoever comes in will have a team pointed in the right direction.

The Denver Broncos decided to move in another direction after another disappointing season although it’s difficult to lay all of the blame on Vance Joseph. He has not had a good quarterback and he can’t be blamed for Case Keenum’s inadequacies.

That being said John Elway is the boss and he had to do something to shake things up so unfortunately for Joseph he’s the scapegoat. He isn’t 100% blameless with many questioning some of this coaching decisions this year. Whatever the case the Broncos needed to hit the reset button and with no clear scapegoat, the coach was the casualty here.

Kate Barrington