Kate Barrington  |  Thu 8th Nov   | Soccer

Cristiano Ronaldo scored a sensational volley goal in the game versus Manchester United in Turin and celebrated by pulling up his shirt to show his abs. His team ended up loosing 2-1 on late goals by the Red Devils and Manchester United fans took to social media to let Ronaldo have a piece of their mind.

Celebrating against your former team is a no-no

This is one of the un-written rules of the game. If you score a goal against your former team, you don’t celebrate.

Recently Salah scored for Liverpool against Chelsea. While at Chelsea, Salah had the most dissapointing spell of his career. He still didn’t celebrate because he knows the rules.

In soccer one of the un-written rules that we see play out all the time is when a player goes down injured and the other team is in possession.

Usually what happens is the opposing team kicks the ball out of bounds so the injured player can get medical assistance. Once the ball is put back into play, the team that had the injured player kicks the ball back to the opposing team’s goalie and we start over like nothing ever happened.

Its all very fair.

It’s also not in the rule book.

If you’ve ever watched a match where the team in possession ignores the injured player and carries on, it usually results in a lot people loosing their temper.
They’re mad because if you’ve managed to make to the ranks of playing professionally, then you know what the un-written rules are. When you choose to ignore them, there’s usually a price to pay.

Cristiano Ronaldo knows better

Ronaldo scored against Manchester United in the past for Real Madrid and he did not celebrate. He knows better than that which is why so many United fans were shocked by what they saw.

Cristiano Ronaldo isn’t just a former player, he’s a club legend who left on very good terms and has never hidden his affection for Manchester United. That is where the fans anger comes from.

Every Manchester United fan genuinely loves Ronaldo. When he left the club in 2009 to join Real Madrid he had won the Balon D’Or, lead them to 2 Champions League finals in a row and 3 consecutive Premier League titles in his last three years at the club.

Fans will get over it

At the end of the day real Manchester United fans will always love Cristiano Ronaldo.

One goal celebration isn’t going change that.

He will be disappointed to see the amount of fans saying they’ve lost a certain amount of respect for him after what they saw. He does genuinely love Manchester United and their fans.

In fairness to Ronaldo, it was a spectacular goal, his first for his new team in the Champions League. It had to be weighing heavy on his mind. The reason he was brought to Juventus is to win the Champions League.

So Ronaldo had a moment of arrogance after a moment of brilliance.

Any real Manchester United fan has seen it a million times. It just stings when you see “one of yours” do it to you. In the end though Manchester United won a must win game on the road. He who laughs last laughs loudest.

Kate Barrington