McGregor Facing More Allegations

UFC star Conor McGregor is back in the news yet again. Not only is he back in the news, but this is more bad news for the McGregor camp as the New York Times reported on Saturday that McGregor is now facing a second sexual assault allegation in Ireland.

This follows an initial report about McGregor that stated he was accused of sexual assault in Dublin, Ireland, in December. McGregor has not yet been charged with that crime, as the investigation is still ongoing.

McGregor was arrested in January following the incident and was taken into custody for questioning. After the questioning, McGregor was released, and he has not yet gotten word on the eventual findings of that case. Any moment now, McGregor could be charged with the first claim, which would send his career in an even more rapid downward spiral.

McGregor has not fought since this time last year against Khabib Nurmagomedov, where he lost by submission. This was a big stain on McGregor’s reputation, and the fights that started directly after the bout put a halt on his career for a second. Both Khabib and Conor were banned from competition for nine and six months, respectively, following the altercation.

This issue allowed McGregor to step back outside of the public eye and focus on training, but that has seemingly been the opposite of what has happened. McGregor has never been shy of controversy, but these events seem to be stacking up while the fights and the wins are not.

These antics used to be about taunting or even physical altercations, but McGregor still had millions of supporters throughout those events. Now, these events, like two sexual assault claims and an assault charge that he is currently facing involving an elderly man in a bar, are hurting his reputation.

While both sexual assault claims have not been charged to McGregor yet and we do not have a ton of information, we did get video footage of what seemed to be McGregor punching someone at a bar, and I do not think that instantly just passes by.


It is still very unclear as to what McGregor plans to do to further his entrepreneurial and fighting career. McGregor tweeted out his retirement from the UFC in March of 2019, but I do not think that there are a lot of people out there that believe that he is done fighting.

McGregor has hinted at a comeback multiple times already, and I would be really shocked if we don’t see him back in the octagon within the next year or so assuming these investigations to not get in the way of his return.

McGregor has been involved with a plethora of business opportunities during his rise to fame, and his biggest business venture, Proper Twelve whiskey, started off with major sales aligning with his fame at the time. But it is possible that McGregor must stay relevant in the fighting world to maintain all of his other business activities.

McGregor has been outspoken about his wishes to return to action, and I would suspect that we see him face Tony Ferguson, Khabib, or Nate Diaz in his return. Names like GSP, Aldo, Poirier, Cerrone, and Woodley have been dangled at times, but all of those fights seem like a stretch for a major return fight.