Middle Tennessee vs Army Black Knights Odds for September 5, 2020

  • The Black Knights are walking out against Middle Tennessee Blue Raiders on Saturday, September 5
  • The game will take place at 1:30 pm EST with the Blue Raiders trying to make up for a few missing defensive stars
  • Meanwhile, the Army are facing trouble replacing Kelvin Hopkins Jr. as their star quarterback

College football is here and we are all excited to see the next big showdown in college football. The Army Black Knights are walking out as strong favorites over the Middle Tennessee Blue Raiders on Saturday, September 5 at 1:30 pm EST.

The Army have had a rough season with 5-8 in the overall stats and they missed the bowl for the first time since 2015, dampening their morale a bit. Yet, a victory against Middle Tennessee who are 4-8 themselves should buoy up their spirits.

Can the Army pull ahead? The oddsmakers seem to think as much and the Black Knights are listed as strong favorites for this weekend’s showdown.

Odds to Win: Middle Tennessee vs Army Black Knights

Army-4.0 (-110)-186U 54.5 (-110)
Middle Tennessee+4.0 (-110)+150O 54.5 (-110)

Betting on the first week of collegiate football is never an easy task. If anything, there are a lot of moving pieces that will certainly throw most sports fans off. Yet, Asher O’Hara is definitely a star quarterback in the making, known for his calm and calculated play style.

He has done quite well in all 12 games for the Blue Raiders throughout 2019 and he has scored 20 touchdowns along with 2,616 passing yards according to official collegiate athletes’ data.

All his metrics show that O’Hara has a future if not beyond collegiate football then at least in the interschool competitions. Army will have to play hard to find new ways and limit O’Hara’s reach. Thankfully, the Black Knights are equipped with a host of promising quick-paced players who can lockdown even the strongest opponents.

Blue Raiders Lacking in Defense

Middle Tennessee should have no issue tackling the Army in principle. However, the team has suffered some heavy casualties all throughout 2019 in their defense and most players haven’t recovered. In fact, the Blue Raiders lost seven out of 12 tacklers they have, and some of their best ones at that.

That puts their defense in shambles, although underestimating them could cost dearly to the team taking Blue Raiders as a cakewalk. Overall, the defense only allowed 459.3 yards per game.

As to their offensive potential, Middle Tennessee have not been exceptional, other than O’Hara, but they have done decently. If their defenses hold, the Blue Raiders should be able to push through and give the Black Knights a good run for their money. But therein lies the issue.

O’Hara cannot carry the game on his own. Sure, the Army have yet to replace Kelvin Hopkins Jr., which is difficult to pull off, but having the stronger defense will definitely a boon to their overall game.

Who Is the Better Pick?

In this game, it will all come down to teams rather than individuals. O’Hara is a threat, but unless Middle Tennessee is able to devise a successful strategy to make up for their lack of defensive capacity, the promising quarterback might end up roaming aimlessly over the field.

In this game, we will be betting on the Army Black Knights. O’Hara will no doubt deliver great plays and his team is capable of defending his advances, but the Blue Raiders have the better team overall. Yet, it’s only the first game for the season so upsets are quite possible!