Miocic Looking For New Challenge

In a recent interview with ESPN’s Ariel Helwani recently, Stipe Miocic said that he is really intrigued by a potential fight with Tyson Fury. Fury has recently been floating out the idea of transferring his talents over to the MMA world.

Miocic went on to say that he is more interested in a fight with the boxing champion than he is with a trilogy fight with Daniel Cormier. Miocic alluded to the actual fight outcomes as the reason that he is not interested in a rematch.

In the first fight, Cormier caught Miocic with a punch early and finished him. While this was still a great win for Cormier, you could easily claim that the result was “fluky” and that Miocic should deserve a rematch.

In the rematch, Miocic won the next fight in the fourth round after controlling most of the bout. In Miocic’s mind, he proved that the first fight was a fluke to some degree and that he was the better fighter. Miocic has no interest fighting another bout against someone that he believes he proved all he needed to against.

Better Options

The Fury fight seems a bit out there with Fury having to transition to MMA and then fight a heavyweight champion in his first fight. If Fury does switch over, I would advise him to stay away from Miocic and maybe attempt to take on a less polished fighter.

If Fury does enter the UFC, maybe a fight with power puncher Francis Ngannou makes a bit more sense. Ngannou has a large following, and I think that it would likely be a more intriguing fight. Ngannou is a striker who really struggles when going to the ground, but would he try to take down someone without a lot of pro fighting experience?

I think that this storyline would be very intriguing because if he cannot take Fury down, we would get to see a massive power puncher take on a world heavyweight boxing champion in an MMA fight.

Makes Sense To Him

Obviously, from Miocic’s perspective, this fight makes all the sense in the world. Fighting a huge name like Fury instead of a smaller-level UFC fighter is obviously a massive win for Miocic in the first place. He would get the head of a PPV card and make a lot of money while drawing in the boxing crowd.

This doesn’t even account for how big of a favorite Miocic would be in this spot. There is no line out there right now, but I would expect Fury to be a massive underdog if he were to take on the heavyweight champ of the UFC in his first fight.

Miocic is a tactician in all realms of MMA and was recently considered to be the best heavyweight of all time before losing to Cormier in their first fight. After the dominant win in the rematch, Miocic could easily be considered one of the best fighters in the sport. While Fury has mastered one form of fighting, taking on a second will not be an easy task at all.