MLB News and Notes: February 20, 2019

It’s been a long MLB offseason, and it feels as if time has slowed down since the Red Sox took down the Dodgers to win the World Series to win their fourth title in fifteen years. Anyway, let’s take a look at what’s happening around the league.

Harper Remains Unsigned

Bryce Harper, who has shown over the past six seasons in DC that he deserves to be paid as much as any player in the majors, remains unsigned. There is no question that he continues to put the work in, and when he eventually does sign somewhere, he’ll be as ready as any player around the majors. But it’s tough to see him remain a free agent with the season a little over a month away. He has the power to clobber the ball constantly, which he reminded us at the HR Derby last year. He’s got a cannon of an arm out there, able to gun down any runners. He also has the speed to nab bases. Hopefully, the announcement will come this week.

Moustakas Returns to Brewers

Mike Moustakas, the long-time KC Royal who was dealt to Milwaukee during the 2018 season, finally came to an agreement to remain with the Brewers. He is a power hitter who can consistently drive in runs during key situations, and now he’ll be remaining a member of the team for at least this season. They impressively made it to the postseason last year, and the hope will be now that they are running it back to make a run at the NL title to end their long drought without one.

Machado Finds His Home

There is one piece of news you have been waiting for, and we’ll waste no time delivering it. Jeff Passan was the first to announce yesterday that Manny Machado has finally picked his home. The former Oriole and Dodger infielder announced that he would be taking his talents to San Diego and would be joining the Padres. The length of this contract, and how much it is worth, is one that has people all over the league drooling. A 10-year, $300 million contract takes Manny Machado from free agency to San Diego. He will be there for at least five years, as there is an opt-out clause after 2023.

Machado was in the world series with LA last year, and though there are issues that people have with his hustle and at times laziness, this is a winning move for the Padres. They have not won more than 77 games since going 90-72 (missing the playoffs) in 2011. They haven’t been to the postseason since 2006, but they’re starting to take the right steps. They added Eric Hosmer on a long-term deal last year, and now they bring in Machado and Ian Kinsler to join him. The talent is starting to come together here, and though they play in a competitive division, this could be the year they get it done and reach the postseason! Dream big, San Diego.