MMA Special: Odds for Mark Zuckerberg’s First Opponent

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  • Mark Zuckerberg’s MMA training video has gone viral
  • The footage has drawn praise from UFC legend Conor McGregor
  • Online sportsbooks release Vegas Odds for Zuckerberg’s first MMA opponent

Best known as the father of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg is a self-professed fan of mixed martial arts. Not only does he love to watch UFC fights, but he also loves to hit the gym with his sparring partner, pro-MMA fighter Khai “The Shadow” Wu.

The two are seen trading kicks and punches in a video shared by Zuckerberg a couple of weeks ago, which went viral straight away.

The video of the 38-year-old social media magnate drew positive response all around, with praise coming even from some MMA legends. Conor McGregor for example, tweeted “F*****g awesome Mark!”, while Joe Rogan spoke positively about it on his podcast.

The viral video also left a lasting impression on bookmakers who decided to release Mark Zuckerberg’s potential opponent odds.

Odds for Who Will Mark Zuckerberg Fight in MMA

Mark Zuckerberg’s First MMA OpponentBetting Odds
Mark Cuban+2000
Ashton Kutcher+2200
Charlie Hunnam+2200
Nick Jonas+2200
Logan Paul+2500
Guy Ritchie+2500
Mario Lopez+2500
Joe Rogan+2500
Snoop Dogg+2500
Wiz Khalifa+2800
Tom Hardy+3300
The betting odds above are courtesy of BetOnline.ag.

Oddsmakers Think Mark Cuban Is Most Likely to be Mark Zuckerberg’s 1st MMA Opponent

BetOnline’s oddsmakers think we might see two billionaires go into the octagon in the future. They see the Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban as the most likely candidate to fight Mark Zuckerberg in an MMA bout.

The probable reason behind this is that Cuban’s been involved with the sport, having previously tried to set up an MMA promotion (in partnership with WWE) that would rival the UFC.

The reason why it doesn’t seem very likely that a Cuban vs Zuckerberg fight is going to actually happen is that Cuban is already 64. Plus, it’s known that he’s had some heart problems in the past, for which he had to undergo surgery in 2019.  

Ashton Kutcher vs Mark Zuckerberg in a Celebrity MMA Fight

Forty-four years old actor Ashton Kutcher is sitting in the no.2 spot on the list of most likely candidates to fight Mark Zuckerberg in an MMA fight. What makes him a suitable opponent for Zuckerberg is that he’s got a background in martial arts.

Kutcher has been training Brazilian jiu-jitsu for more than a decade, getting a brown belt in 2019. The Hollywood star was seen training with several big names in the MMA world, most notably Paulo Costa, a former UFC Middleweight challenger.

Tom Hardy’s Just Won a BJJ Competition

Ashton Kutcher isn’t the only A-list actor who’s into Brazilian jiu-jitsu. His British colleague Tom Hardy is also a BJJ practitioner. The 45-year-old is a blue belt, who made the headlines earlier this week after winning his matches at the 2022 Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Open Championship in Milton Keynes, UK.

Apart from BJJ, Hardy has experience with other martial arts, including boxing and muay Thai, which he used to practice for several hours a day during the shooting of the MMA-themed movie Warrior.

Still No Odds for a Zuckerberg vs Paddy the Baddy Fight

Oddsmakers don’t think Mark Zuckerberg’s first MMA opponent is going to be a professional fighter. This explains why there are no odds for Paddy Pimblett at BetOnline, even though The Baddy did call out Zuckerberg the last time he was inside the octagon.

After finishing his opponent in the first round at UFC London, Paddy the Baddy delivered a post-fight speech in which he complained about the policies set up by Zuckerberg’s companies.

He called Zuckerberg a “lizard” after his Facebook and Instagram accounts were suspended a couple of hours earlier.

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