Monaco Grand Prix 2019 Returns with Hamilton at the Helm

Photo Credit: Courtesy of FIA

  • Mercedes top the charts in the upcoming Monaco Grand Prix
  • Max Verstappen to put pressure on Hamilton and Bottas
  • Ferrari yet to have their breakthrough

The Monaco Grand Prix will be another opportunity for the Mercedes team an Lewis Hamilton to consolidate their advantage. Can Mercedes perform well at the historically difficult Circuit de Monaco?

Monaco Grand Prix Offers Its Own Challenges

Lewis Hamilton remains the favorite to secure a victory at the Circuit de Monaco in this weekend’s Monaco Grand Prix. The street race puts the emphasis on the chassis and drivers’ skills rather than the engine’s ability to push out decent performance. With Hamilton’s recent victory in Spain, the driver is perched at near the top of the Formula One Drivers Standings. The bookmakers tend to give him a slightly better edge.

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Formula 1 Monaco Grand Prix Odds
Drivers Odds
Lewis Hamilton +110
Valtteri Bottas +225
Max Verstappen +375
Charcles Lecler +1000
Pierre Gasly +1000
Sebastien Vettel +1000

Odds updated as of May 21

Hamilton Tops the Drivers’ Standings After Spanish Victory

Valtteri Bottas and Hamilton had a great start in the Spanish Grand Prix, managing to edge out competitors and secure Mercedes continuing dominance in F1. Adding his overall standing (3-5), Hamilton’s performance in the past 16 races is also quite good with 11 wins over the period.

As it turns out, though, Monaco has always been a bit of a challenge for Hamilton. Even in Spain, Bottas said that he would have won the race had it not been for a faulty clutch which led to his runner-up spot. Pinning all our hopes on Hamilton may not be exactly reasonable, with a determined Bottas now determined to win as well.

Bottas and Hamilton Will Come Head to Head

Racing under the same brand doesn’t necessarily mean that thee isn’t strife between teammates. Bottas is just as driven to cross the finishing line in Monaco first and make up for his second place in Spain. He has managed three second-places, consolidating Mercedes’ position as the leading team.

Hamilton and Bottas both appreciate speed, though, which is why Monaco has always been elusive for them. As it turns out, the streets are narrower and racers need much more focus and control over tight areas. Bottas hasn’t even broken the Top 10 in his first four races, pointing to a vastly different driving style that Monaco requires from participants.

Verstappen Is the BBC’s F1 Star

It’s never been just about Bottas and Hamilton with Max Verstappen coming close in terms of performance to the Mercedes racers. He is also going to be coming out of 4th spot in Monaco which puts him at the helm and close to the main competitors he’s targeting. The BBC called him the F1 star of the year, and this is understandable after Max clocked the fastest lap in Barcelona.

Formula 1 has even ranked him above Hamilton. One common criticism that has been directed at Verstappen is that he tends to be too aggressive on the road, which contrasts with his mild attitude when interviewed.

Formula 1 Monaco Grand Prix at a Glance

  • Date: Sunday, May 26
  • Time: 6:10 AM EEST
  • Watch: ESPN

What About Ferrari?

Alas, Ferrari have been roughing it. Both Charles Lecrec and Sebastien Vettel managed to only crack the Top 3 this season, which is far from what the team is used to. Still, with heavy competition coming from the Mercedes pair, Ferrari is yet to find its breakthrough.

In the team’s defense they have had to deal with a few technical issues of their own, which has taken a toll on their performance. Yet, both Lecrec and Vettel remain worthy contenders who will definitely apply pressure on Mercedes.