Moscow Liga Pro Table Tennis Odds & Picks for April 23

With the world of sports on hold, a few events are still ongoing, bringing a lot of action – those are Russian and Ukrainian table tennis. Both countries have a long and proud tradition in the game otherwise known as ping pong.

The Moscow Liga Pro and Ukraine’s Setka Cup pack some of the most betting action you will find at the bookies these days. Outs of the NFL Draft slated to scoop up the biggest betting action this year, table tennis is the heftiest source of betting action.

Without further ado we will now catch you up on the latest Moscow Liga Pro odds. The betting window for Russian table tennis is quickly closing, so make sure to place your bets before 9:45 a.m. ET on April 23.

Moscow Liga Pro Odds – Games by 12:00 a.m. ET April 23

Kapinus, Rodion+115Teteruk, Mikhail-145
Bilous, Vladislav+171Kusio, Lev-211
Aliev, Anar-200Kolbasenko, Aleksand+160
Nadporozhsky, Alexey-110Ivanov, Viktor-120
Kusio, Lev-133Pirvelli, Rodion+103
Kovpak, Egor+100Rumezhak, Kiril-130
Nadporozhsky, Alexey-156Teteruk, Mikhail+126
Bilous, Vladislav-115Sazhnev, Vitaliy-115
Varlamov, Oleg+137Aliev, Anar-167
Kapinus, Rodion+327Ivanov, Viktor-427
Pirvelli, Rodion+102Kusio, Lev-132
Kovpak, Egor-219Kolbasenko, Aleksandr+179
Ivanov, Viktor-158Teteruk, Mikhail+128

*Odds taken April 23 via BetOnline

These are all the odds for the games by 12.00 a.m. ET today. Outside of these games, you can bet on 12 more games taking place between 12:05 and 3:30 p.m. ET. The first game past noon will feature Vitaliy Sazhnev (-115) versus Vladislav Bilous (-115).

The odds tell an interesting story. Mikhail Teteruk and Viktor Ivanov are definitely good picks. Teteruk last lost on Tuesday, suffering two consecutive defeats to Rodion Kapinus and Nadporozhsky, but has since bounced back with four straight wins.

Teteruk is listed as the underdog in his re-match against Nadporozhsky today as well, with (+126) in moneyline value, whereas Alexey sports some (-156).

Vladislav Bilous vs Vitaliy Sazhnev – A Toss Up

The game at 12.05 p.m. ET between Vladislav Bilous and Vitality Sazhnev can go either way. Both players are listed at (-115), which is very rare among sportsbooks. For starters, bookies almost never match players equally, pointing to the skill of both players.

After digging some research, it showed that both players are on the fairly lower-tier players. However, we have had time to look up some decent picks and betting on Rodion Kapinus versus Viktor Ivanov makes sense.

Viktor Ivanov Listed at (-427), But Is He a Favorite?

Out of his last seven games, Rodion Kapinus has five victories and two close losses. His victories were usually a sure deal, with Rodion sealing each of his past wins with 2 or 3-set victory.

Viktor Ivanov comes into the game with the exact same stats in terms of win-lose ratio, sealing the same point-difference in the end. In his five wins, Ivanov faced the fairly same quality of players as has Kapinus.

The question is why the bookies have given Rodion such long odds? It could be a value betting opportunity you might want to consider.