Most Online Sportsbooks Now Offer Simulation Sports Betting

  • Virtual sports are getting a lot of attention in the betting community at the moment.
  • Simulation sports are not the same as esports.
  • Leading online sportsbooks are now offering simulation sports betting.

As a result of the coronavirus canceling almost every sporting event on the planet, top online bookmakers have come up with a new solution – simulation sports betting. It works in the same manner as ‘normal’ sports betting, the difference being that you’re betting on games simulated in computer games.  

Simulation Sports Betting Explained

Even though both simulation sports and esports are based around computer games, they’re not one and the same. With esports betting, you’re putting your money on virtual games played by humans. Those games can be sports games like NBA2k, FIFA, and others, but also first-person shooters like Counter-Strike or battle arena games like League of Legends.

With simulation sports, you’re betting on games simulated by computers. The outcomes of sim sports do not depend on humans, but on AI (artificial intelligence). Computers use all sorts of algorithms to decide what’s going to happen in the game, including team stats, player data, and so on.

As a result, simulation sports betting does not differ too much from traditional sports betting. For instance, according to research done by Bleacher Report over a three-year period, the accuracy rate of NFL Madden simulations is roughly 72%. What this practically means is that sims betting is much more than pure chance; it requires skills and knowledge, the same as regular sports betting.

Which Sim Sports Can You Bet On?

Sportsbooks that offer sports sims betting focus on the games streamed through Twitch, one of the most popular streaming platforms. Twitch Madden channel, for instance, streams NFL simulation games every day at noon EST.

Madden NFL 20 is the most popular pick of online sportsbooks. However, some also offer betting on sims of other sports. For instance, SportsBetting.ag also deals with MLB simulations. Furthermore, Bovada.lv covers NBA2K20 and EA Sports’ NHL 20.

Most of those sportsbooks allow the bettors to watch live streams of sports sims, as well as enable them to place live bets on those games.

Types of Wagers in Sport Sims

The whole point of including sports simulation in the betting offer is to provide the bettors with as realistic experience as possible during the times of the coronavirus pandemic.

As a result, most sportsbooks that offer sims sports betting let the players put their money on a few other bets aside the outcome. Generally speaking, the bettors can bet on spreads and points, in addition to moneyline bets.

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