Naomi Osaka Becomes World’s Highest-Paid Female Athlete

It was recently revealed that Japanese tennis player Naomi Osaka has earned $37.4 million over a 12-month period, which makes her the highest-paid female athlete in history.

This record was previously held by Russia’s Maria Sharapova who had earned $29.7 million in 2015 from prize money and endorsements.

Osaka also surpassed Serena Williams, who had topped the rich-list for the last four years.

Naomi Osaka’s Greatest Moments (So Far)

Osaka is the highest-earning female sportsperson in the world today, something which may come as a surprise.

The Japanese player is not the most successful female athlete that’s still active. In fact, she’s not even the most successful female tennis player in 2020.

At the moment, she is ranked number 10 in the WTA Rankings, with her last major title being won more than a year ago. Since winning the 2019 Australian Open, Naomi Osaka’s hasn’t achieved much in tennis.

She did, however, make big endorsement deals last year, the result of which is $37.4 million going her way.  

Naomi Osaka’s off-the-court personality is what attracts big companies to pump millions of dollars into her bank account.

At the moment, she has 15 sponsorship deals. Most of those are deals with big global brands like Nike and Nissan.

Next Opportunity to Watch Naomi Osaka on the Court?

Naomi Osaka turns 23 in October this year, meaning that a bright future awaits her. The Japanese player’s rise to stardom started in 2018 after a controversial win over Serena Williams in the final of the 2018 US Open.

The reason why the match was controversial had nothing to do with Osaka. Instead, the match saw the American player losing her nerve on several occasions.

In 2019, Osaka won the Australian Open, cementing her place at the top of the WTA List. Since then, however, her form has not been too impressive. She did put on a relatively good display at the first Grand Slam of 2020, before being knocked out by the American teenager Coco Gauff.

Naomi Osaka’s last match before professional tennis went on a break caused by the COVID-19 pandemic was against Sara Sorribes Tormo. The match was a part of the Fed Cup and it saw Japan’s finest losing to the WTA no. 83.

The return date of WTA tennis still remains uncertain. No one can say for certain when we’re going to see Osaka on the court the next time.

Recently, ATP/WTA spokespersons announced tennis hiatus is going to be prolonged to August, the very least. However, the chance is that the two remaining 2020 Grand Slams will take place.

Naomi Osaka should take part in both the French Open and the US Open. However, tennis betting sites don’t think she is going to do too well in those tournaments.

Naomi Osaka Betting Odds

  • 2020 French Open – Naomi Osaka (+1400)
  • 2020 US Open – Naomi Osaka (+1200)