NASCAR Favorites and Darkhorses for Coca-Cola 600, 2019

The Coca-Cola 600 is one of NASCAR’s most anticipated and exciting races. With a number of professional racers making a move on the title, the event sprawls on 600 miles and 400 laps at the Charlotte Motor Speedway on Sunday, May 26.

The Coca Cola 600 – Full Preview

You will hardly find a more exciting race in the NASCAR series than the Coca-Cola 600 this week. The event will see a number of talented drivers flock to the Charlotte Motor Speedway and compete on the 1.5-mile track with the ultimate goal being clocking 600 miles over 400 laps. The race will test drivers’ durability, concentration and the ability to keep going at break-neck speeds.

  • Date: Sunday, May 26
  • Time: 6 PM ET
  • Palace: Charlotte Motor Speedway

Coca Col 600 Favorites & Darkhorses

There are a number of drivers that you would want to keep your eyes peeled for. Kyle Busch, Martin Truex Jr, Kevin Harvick, and Jimmie Johnson all seem capable of making a splash in the upcoming race. While not everyone has won a title, experts pin a lot of hopes on these drivers who re now listed as the favorites in the upcoming race.

1) Busch (+300) has continued to dominate in 2019 after winning the 2018 Coca-Cola 600 edition. With three victories this year to his name, Busch is very likely to make a dash for the title once again. His driving style puts him out of trouble and he is willing to sacrifice speed to optimize his performance. Busch is a perfect example of what happens when a turtle races a rabbit, only this turtle knows how to accelerate.

2) Kevin is currently priced at (+450). He has had a rough few races this season, but the No. 4 Ford racer is still very much cited as a possible favorite. Kevin would want to make his mark on Coke 600 this Sunday, because that would buy him a way into the playoffs later this year.

3) Jimmie Johnson is definitely not up on anyone’s list with (+3000), Johnson is a true darkhorse. He hasn’t won a race in two years, but he has nevertheless topped the Coke 600 four times, which is bizarre given his current poor form. Yet, Johnson knows how to race at Coca-Cola 600 and if calculated risk is something you like, staking a modest amount on Johnson could only bring you benefits.

4)Martin Truex Jr. (+600) is another good pick to consider. He is 2-4 in terms of won races recently, and you definitely have to give it to him. Truex averages 2.75 finish at the Coca-Cola 600, based on his mos recent performance there. Jr. also landed in Top 5 of six out of his eight appearances at the upcoming event. Martin also has a rather more aggressive driving style, so other participants in the Coke 600 got to be on the lookout for his sudden car-wrecking attacks.

5) Denny Hamlin (+2000) is also another racer that despite a poor season is a likely contender for the title. Hamlin finished Top 5 in all four trips to the Coke 600 recently, and this is reassuring enough to at least consider him for the upcoming race title.

With five great picks this year, you will definitely have quite a few drivers to choose from. Tune in to watch the race on Sunday, May 26.