NASCAR’s ‘Tough Love’ Leads to Disqualification for No.44 Truck in Iowa Series

  • NASCAR disqualifies a racer for the first time since 1960
  • Series director says Chastain’s stick performance was “extremely low”
  • New rules bound to disqualify more racers in future

NASCAR has made history and not necessarily in a good way.

The organization had to strip down Ross Chastain from a victory after he had failed to appear for a post-race inspection and in light of new and toughened policy that targets misdemeanor on the race tack.

The accident took place during the Truck Series race at Iowa Speedway.

The case was an interesting one indeed. It involved the series managing director, Bad Moran who explained that Chastain had been off all the yellow and red height sticks throughout the race.

Moran described Chastain’s performance in relation to the sticks as “extremely low”, despite the racer’s success in leading in 141 laps out of 200.

A First Disqualification in NASCAR’s History Since 1960

Thee is always a first, but nobody expected NASCAR to actually disqualify a winner until that Sunday.

Meanwhile, Brett Moffitt seemed to like the decision, as it promoted him to a winner status.

He commented the developments both from Chastain’s standpoint and also as a racer concerned about the integrity of the sport:

“I think, for the integrity of the sport, it’s the right thing to do,” said Moffitt, who never led a lap in the race. Obviously I came out on the good end of it. If I was in Ross’s shoes, I wouldn’t be too thrilled about it.”

Understandably, Al Niece, the owner of Niece Motorsports for which Chastain raced, isn’t thrilled and he intends to appeal the ruling.

The last time a racer was disqualified was back in 1960 when Emmanuel Zervakis had used an oversized fuel tank and was then evicted from the Wilson Speedway race in North Carolina.

More Inspections to Secure the Integrity of the Sport

To prevent racers from tempting to cheat, NASCAR introduced updates in February to the post-race inspections.

While some racers had their stats reduced, no racer had been stripped from a winning place – until now. This has just happened in the case of Chastain and is definitely not going to be the only such case.

A toughening stance on the sport’s integrity will mean that NASCAR will now breathe down the neck of each driver, raising the standards well across the board. Chastain lost the $50,000 that came with winning the “Triple Truck Challenge” title.

He couldn’t be located for an immediate comment after the disqualification was announced. Christian was relegated back to last position as a result of the penalty.