Updated Betting Odds Win the 2019 NBA Championship

Though the 2018 NBA season just reached its conclusion, we know you are eager for next season. SO, read below as we highlight the 2019 NBA title favorites!

1) Golden State Warriors (-160)

There is no surprise that this team is leading the odds. They just won for the third time in four years, and they will be locking both Kevin Durant and Klay Thompson up for the long term this offseason, so we think.

Though they have gone through some rough patches this year, they should be able to figure them out, as we have a long season ahead of us.

When Draymond picks up his play, all should be right.

2) Raptors (+550)

Though they were somehow blown out by Orlando last night, they still stand at 26-11, with the top record in all of the NBA. Kawhi has been a hand-in-glove fit, while all of the returning stars have been playing well.

They have depth across the board, and it is hard to say what this team could be doing better in any category at this point. The talent they have will go a long way toward helping them win the East and get a crack at the big dogs in the west.

Watch out for these guys, as they really have something to say.

3) Celtics (+750)

Despite the up-and-down year they have had, Boston sits ahead of the dynamic Bucks and Sixers on this list for teams with best odds. Probably because they have one of the top closers in the entire league, and well, everybody is healthy that they will need to run the gauntlet.

Gordon Hayward has slowly but surely been coming into his own, while Kyrie has been killing it. Jayson Tatum and Jaylen Brown are contributing all they can, while Marcus Smart has found his way into the starting lineup. A coach like Brad Stevens sure helps matters as well.

The Celtics will be a contender until a team says they’ve had enough and knocks them out of the postseason.

4) Rockets (+1600)

Despite all of the games Chris Paul has been missing, and the lack of depth they have had because of Ariza leaving and the ‘Melo experiment failing, the team is listed with the fourth best odds. James Harden has been doing ALL of the heavy lifting to get the team to victories.

When they needed a playmaker, they opted to add Danuel House Jr., which has actually worked out pretty well. They picked up Austin Rivers earlier this week, and he has given them some big-time minutes off the bench. They have just one single loss since Eric Gordon became a starter, too.

They will have their hands full and could look to add more pieces, but for now, Houston is in the top four.

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