NBA Free Agency – What’s Going On?

The situation in the NBA is starting to be more interesting than some two weeks ago. After Durant’s and Thompson’s injuries, some of the experts believed that this free-agency might be a boring one. They predicted that there won’t be any blockbusting moves, and linked with that, the creation of some superteams.

Injuries Disrupted Everything

You know, when one big name lands to some team, that environment instantly becomes more attractive for other players. Without Durant and Thompson who were projected to be those guys who might change the shape of the landscape in the NBA, things dramatically changed.

Yes, there are a few people left in the combination, but besides Kyrie who is definitely leaving Boston, and maybe Jimmy Butler, there isn’t a guy who might be an anchor for one superteam. Kawhi is seriously reconsidering to stay with the Raptors despite becoming an unrestricted free agent.

Still, besides Kyrie, Kawhi, and Butler, there might be some other guys who might benefit from injuries of the above-mentioned. For instance, Kemba Walker. Hornets’ All-Atar might be the guy who can profit from this a lot, and his value will only grow bigger as time goes by.

There are more players in similar situations.

Al Horford decided to leave the Celtics, Harrison Barnes became an unrestricted free agent, Tobias Harris has an option for that too, Julius Randle already chose that.

Although this might be a free-agency without the moves everybody expected, it will be very interesting, do not doubt about that.

LA Teams Hunting Everything

Regarding clubs who are in the middle of attention, it seems that at the moment the Brooklyn Nets are the most aggressive. According to various sources, they are the No.1 favorite to land Kyrie Irving. If that happens, Barclays Center might see more big names landing there.

That would also mean that D’Angelo Russell has to leave. The youngster’s next destination might be his previous one, Los Angeles. The only question is the Lakers or the Clippers. Both franchises from LA are doing everything in their power to land notable names.

Clippers are luring Kawhi Leonard back home, as they have everything that takes to offer him a massive deal. Plus, the Clippers have an excellent core, which will be upgraded with Leonard and become one of the best teams in the league.

After AD’s arrival among the Lakers, this franchise is looking for the third big name. They are already trying to clear cap space for another super deal, but that will leave their bench pretty thin. It is a risky move for the purple and gold, and we will see how they end this free-agency.

The New York Knicks are the biggest losers for now. They lost KD, and probably Kyrie, meaning that they have to come up with something different. Will they start building a team around RJ Barrett or wait for the next year, nobody knows. We aren’t even sure that they do.

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