NBA News and Notes: Luka Magic is alive, Aldridge announces retirement, and Curry cooking up history

  • Luka Doncic has been a dominating force all season and continues to reinforce that belief with his recent buzzer-beater shot
  • LaMarcus Aldridge announces his retirement due to health concerns after an incredible career
  • Steph Curry continues to put up all-time shooter stats as he continues to rattle off 30-point games for Golden State

Another exciting week in the NBA is coming to a close as the weekend fast approaches. From major injury news to sudden retirements and wild performances, the league is as exciting and unpredictable as always. When we’re talking NBA, we are expecting the unexpected seven nights a week. Anything goes.

Luka Magic Is Very Real

When you’re watching a Mavericks game, and it comes down to the last possession, you need to prepare to be wowed. You may even end up with TMJ from how low your jaw drops when you watch what Luka Doncic is able to do when things are hanging in the balance. And against Memphis on ESPN, he reminded us again that he is not actually human.

How many NBA players attempt a three-point floater in their careers? 98% will probably say zero, while a select 1% might have had one or two last-second attempts. Who has ever seen a guy fire that type of shot with the team down by two at the very last second? Nobody. What Doncic did against the Grizzlies is just insane.

As the shot dropped in at the buzzer, it left everybody in the arena and on broadcasts in shock. Mavs radio PXP announcer Chuck Cooperstein couldn’t tell if it was a three. Dave Pasch was unable to believe what he just saw. What a shot. What a moment. Doncic is not a human being. He is from another planet. There is no way somebody can just do these things like they are nothing. What a talent.

LaMarcus Aldridge Announces His Retirement

When LaMarcus Aldridge joined the Nets a few weeks ago, he did so, expecting to play a key role in them winning the NBA title. A veteran big man with a silky-smooth jumper and decent rim presence was just what they needed out there. All of a sudden, he finds out that he played on April 10th with an irregular heartbeat, and everything changed.

Aldridge announced his retirement from the NBA on Thursday, following an incredible career that began in 2006 with Portland. He scored 12,000 points in a Blazers uniform and grabbed a franchise record of over 5,400 rebounds there. He produced All-Star level campaigns with the San Antonio Spurs after that. And he was just starting to get comfortable in the Big Apple.

The news of his retirement was certainly not what anybody expected to hear. But, we all wish him well. It’s devastating, and it’s the second time in six years that a Hall-of-Fame caliber big was forced into retirement early. The previous was Chris Bosh.

Steph Curry Makes Warriors History

By scoring 33 points against the Cleveland Cavaliers on Thursday, Stephen Curry has now done what only one other Warrior has before. And it’s been more than 50 years. He has scored 30+ points in nine straight games, which Rick Barry first did in 1967.

53 years later, and Curry is out there energizing the Warriors. It’s been a weird year, and the team is currently at 28-28. But, he continues to go out and show out, putting up these monster stat lines on the nightly.

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