NBA Planning How to Resume Activities After the End of COVID-19 Pandemic

The NBA season was officially suspended on March 11. The Commissioner, his colleagues, and the entire league is now trying to figure out how to end the current campaign once Coronavirus pandemic ends.

Financial Problems Pressuring NBA

The number one option is to continue as regular and to play all the remained games. Now, that would be the best-case scenario and something no doubt, all the fans would love to see. But the NBA has to count on different circumstances, which is why Commissioner Adam Silver and his team are trying to develop different strategies.

There are numerous reasons for this action, and the No.1 is the financial aspect. Already, the league loses a lot of money on a daily basis. According to some of the data revealed recently, the league might suffer a $1 billion of losses if the season stops.

And that would be a huge blow for the league after it already suffered some hits. Many remember Daryl Morrey’s tweets, which supported the demonstration in Hong Kong against the Chinese regime. The Houston Rockets’ GM very much damaged the relationships between China and the NBA, and the consequences could be felt almost immediately.

Not only did many Chinese TV operators cancel their contracts with the league, but the drop in the marketing income was also beyond any expectations. At one point, the NBA was about to lose its Chinese market, which is the biggest in the world.

Back then, Adam Silver stated that the league lost around $400 million.

“The magnitude of the loss will be in the hundreds of millions of dollars, certainly. Probably less than $400 million. Maybe even less than that,” Silver stated.

So, the league now has to react; otherwise, everyone will suffer, starting with the players, the employees of the franchises, etc.

Change of the Format

We’ve mentioned that the best option would be for the season to continue as if nothing happened. But, if that is not possible, there are ways that might save at least some of the league’s revenue.

One of them includes the tournament in Las Vegas. At first, there would be a tournament for the lower-placed teams, which would determine which one of them is going to participate in the playoffs.

Afterward comes the first round, which would be played in a best-of-five series. The tournament in Las Vegas follows this round. It is a classic one-game elimination contest, which we witness in the NCAA each season. It would only determine the finalists, who would also compete in a best-of-five series.

This is not the final solution, but rather one of the options presented. There are several others, and all of them are considering different circumstances.

For quite a while, there were some rumors that the league might implement in-season tournaments, and this would be a perfect chance to see how that might work. Many say that seeing the NBA teams playing an elimination tournament as one in the NCAA would raise the popularity of the game and also, make things much interesting than they are at the moment.