NBA Restart Overview: Odds to Win Championship, Team Schedule, and More

  • The Los Angeles Lakers tipped to win the NBA Championships ahead of Milwaukee Bucks
  • Milwaukee Bucks are dominating the Eastern Conference without taking much heat from anyone
  •  The Lakers are facing worthy challenges from Clippers, Nuggets, Jazz and Rockets among others

The restart of the NBA is a promise that things in the world can go back to normal once again. With the COVID-19 pandemic still having everyone on edge, the NBA has found out a way to complete the season.

Officially, the league is restarting on July 30 with the playoffs scheduled for August 17. Starting tomorrow, June 30, all teams will head for Training Camp a week prior heading to the Orlando Bubble where all participants will be isolated and tested on daily basis.

A total of 22 teams will turn up in Florida to play eight seeding games and decide the outcomes of the East and West Conference. Both the Milwaukee Bucks (-180) and Los Angeles Lakers (+130) are tipped as the most likely winners of their respective conferences, sportsbooks seem to think.

To help you get a sense of what is coming, we have created a quick table displaying all participants and the teams they will be playing against in each seeding game.

2020 NBA Seeding Games Schedule

Teams G1 G2 G3 G4 G5 G6 G7 G8
Boston Celtics Bucks Blazers Heat Nets Raptors Magic Grizzlies Wizards
Brooklyn Nets Magic Wizards Bucks Celtics Kings Clippers Magic Blazers
Dallas Mavericks Rockets Suns Kings Clippers Bucks Jazz Blazers Suns
Denver Nuggets Heat Thunder Spurs Blazers Jazz Lakers Clippers Raptors
Houston Rockets Mavericks Bucks Blazers Lakers Kings Spurs Pacers 76ers
Indiana Pacers 76ers Wizards Magic Suns Lakers Heat Rockets Heat
Los Angeles Clippers Lakers Pelicans Suns Mavericks Blazers Nets Nuggets Thunder
Los Angeles Lakers Clippers Raptors Jazz Thunder Rockets Pacers Nuggets Kings
Memphis Grizzlies Blazers Spurs Pelicans Jazz Thunder Raptors Celtics Bucks
Miami Heat Nuggets Raptors Celtics Bucks Suns Pacers Thunder Pacers
Milwaukee Bucks Celtics Rockets Nets Heat Mavericks Raptors Wizards Grizzlies
New Orleans Pelicans Jazz Clippers Grizzlies Kings Wizards Spurs Kings Magic
Oklahoma City Thunder Jazz Nuggets Lakers Grizzlies Wizards Suns Heat Clippers
Orlando Magic Nets Kings Pacers Raptors 76ers Celtics Nets Pelicans
Philadelphia 76ers Pacers Spurs Wizards Magic Blazers Suns Raptors Rockets
Phoenix Suns Wizards Mavericks Clippers Pacers Heat Thunder 76ers Mavericks
Portland Trail Blazers Grizzlies Celtics Rockets Nuggets Clippers 76ers Mavericks Nets
Sacramento Kings Spurs Magic Mavericks Pelicans Nets Rockets Pelicans Lakers
San Antonio Spurs Kings Grizzlies 76ers Nuggets Jazz Pelicans Rockets Jazz
Toronto Raptors Lakers Heat Magic Celtics Grizzlies Bucks 76ers Nuggets
Utah Jazz Pelicans Thunder Lakers Grizzlies Spurs Nuggets Mavericks Spurs

The first game will begin with the Utah Jazz taking on the New Orleans Pelicans on July 30 and the Los Angeles Clippers facing off the Los Angeles Lakers. The next day, July 1, we will see six games total with the first kicking off at 2:30 PM ET between the Orlando Magic versus the Brooklyn Nets. Next on the list we have:

  • Memphis Grizzlies vs. Portland Trail Blazers
  • Phoenix Suns vs. Washington Wizards
  • Boston Celtics vs. Milwaukee Bucks
  • Sacramento Kings vs. San Antonio Spurs
  • Houston Rockets vs. Dallas Mavericks

The following days will feature between five and six games with Sundays usually hosting seven and the seeding rounds ending on August 14, three days ahead of the playoffs. Let’s take a look at the actual NBA odds to win the 2020 Championship.

Odds to Win 2020 NBA Championship

Los Angeles Lakers+240
Milwaukee Bucks+300
Los Angeles Clippers+350
Houston Rockets+1000
Boston Celtics+1500
Philadelphia 76ers+2000
Toronto Raptors+2200
Denver Nuggets+3000
Dallas Mavericks+4000
Miami Heat+4000
Utah Jazz+4000
Brooklyn Nets+6000
Oklahoma City Thunder+6600
New Orleans Pelicans+8000
Portland Blazers+8000
Indiana Pacers+10000
Memphis Grizzlies+20000
Orlando Magic+25000
Sacramento Kings+30000
San Antonio Spurs+50000
Phoenix Suns+750000
Washington Wizards+100000
Odds taken on June 30

Eastern Conference Standing

TeamsWinsLossesHome RecordAway Record
Milwaukee Bucks531228-325-9
Toronto Raptors461823-923-9
Boston Celtics432123-920-12
Miami Heat412427-514-19
Philadelphia 76ers392629-210-24
Indiana Pacers392621-1118-15
Brooklyn Nets303418-1412-20
Orlando Magic303516-1514-20
Washington Wizards244016-168-24

The Eastern Conference reveals some interesting statistics. Milwaukee Bucks are given a good chance of winning the NBA Championship and certainly tipped to win the Eastern Conference. The team has a great Home Record (28-3) and a decent Away Record (25-9).

One curious team here is the Philadelphia 76ers who have the best Home Record (29-2). Not even the Bucks have been able to win more on home turf, and both teams have the same number of games now. However, the 76ers have struggled in their Away games posting a poor (10-24).

Western Conference Standing

TeamsWinsLossesHome RecordAway Record
Los Angeles Lakers491423-826-6
Los Angeles Clippers442025-719-13
Denver Nuggets432225-818-14
Utah Jazz412321-1020-13
Houston Rockets402422-1018-14
Oklahoma City Thunder402420-1320-11
Dallas Mavericks402719-1521-12
Memphis Grizzlies323318-1514-18
New Orleans Pelicans283613-1915-17
Portland Trail Blazers293718-1411-23
Sacramento Kings283614-1714-19
San Antonio Spurs273616-1411-22
Phoenix Suns363613-2213-17

The Western Conference is slightly more competitive with Los Angeles Lakers pulling convincingly ahead of the Los Angeles Clippers. The Lakers are surprisingly ranking higher than the Bucks to win the NBA Championship, although LA has a somewhat poorer result.

Then again, sportsbooks perceive the Western Conference as the more competitive of the two, with the Nuggets, Jazz, and Rockets all posting decent results this year. In the meantime, make sure not to miss out on the key dates for the 19/20 NBA Season.

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