NBA Season-Win Totals Released; Brooklyn On Top, Thunder Sit Last

  • According to Las Vegas bookmakers, the Brooklyn Nets are projected to have the highest number of wins, 55.5.
  • Milwaukee Bucks, the current champions, are second, 54.5.
  • The Los Angeles Lakers are third, and the first in the Western Conference.
  • Luka Doncic’s Dallas Mavs and Nikola Jokic’s Denver Nuggets are at 48.5 and 48 victories respectively.

The sportsbooks from Las Vegas have released the lines for the total wins during the regular part of the NBA season. It is no surprise to see the Brooklyn Nets top the list, while at the bottom of the same is the Orlando Magic.

Season Win Totals Odds

TeamTotal Wins OverTotal Wins Under
Atlanta HawksOver 47 (-130)Under 47 (+100)
Boston CelticsOver 46 (-115)Under 46 (-115)
Brooklyn NetsOver 55.5 (-115)Under 55.5 (-115)
Charlotte HornetsOver 38.5 (-110)Under 38.5 (-120)
Chicago BullsOver 42.5 (-115)Under 42.5 (-115)
Cleveland CavaliersOver 26.5 (-125)Under 26.5 (-105)
Dallas MavericksOver 48.5 (-115)Under 48.5 (-115)
Denver NuggetsOver 48 (-115)Under 48 (-115)
Detroit PistonsOver 25.5 (-115)Under 25.5 (-115)
Golden State WarriorsOver 48.5 (-130)Under 48.5 (+100)
Houston RocketsOver 26.5 (+100)Under 26.5 (-130)
Indiana PacersOver 42.5 (-130)Under 42.5 (+100)
Los Angeles ClippersOver 44.5 (-115)Under 44.5 (-115)
Los Angeles LakersOver 52.5 (-110)Under 52.5 (-120)
Memphis GrizzliesOver 41.5 (-115)Under 41.5 (-115)
Miami HeatOver 48 (-115)Under 48 (-115)
Milwaukee BucksOver 54.5 (-110)Under 54.5 (-120)
Minnesota TimberwolvesOver 33.5 (-130)Under 33.5 (+100)
New Orleans PelicansOver 39.5 (-115)Under 39.5 (-115)
New York KnicksOver 42.5 (-125)Under 42.5 (-105)
Oklahoma City ThunderOver 23.5 (-115)Under 23.5 (-115)
Orlando MagicOver 22.5 (-115)Under 22.5 (-115)
Philadelphia 76ersOver 51.5 (-130)Under 51.5 (+100)
Phoenix SunsOver 51.5 (-130)Under 51.5 (+100)
Portland Trail BlazersOver 43.5 (-115)Under 43.5 (-115)
Sacramento KingsOver 36.5 (+100)Under 36.5 (-130)
San Antonio SpursOver 28.5 (-145)Under 28.5 (+115)
Toronto RaptorsOver 36.5 (-130)Under 36.5 (+100)
Utah JazzOver 52 (-130)Under 52 (+100)
Washington WizardsOver 33.5 (-130)Under 33.5 (+100)

Power Transitioning to East

The Brooklyn Nets’ line for over/under wins is at 55.5, with the odds for outcomes being the same -115. Kevin Durant, James Harden, and Kyrie Irving, strengthened with a couple of veterans, are the No.1 favorites to win the title as well, +225. 

Giannis and his Bucks, who are the title defenders, are second with 54.5 wins and having two teams from the East clearly states that the balance of power shifted in favor of the East. The Lakers (52.5), Jazz (52), and the 76ers (51.5) trail closely behind, while this year’s West champions, the Phoenix Suns, are at 51.5.

We need to say that instead of the last season’s format, which included 72 games, this one will be normal with 82 matches. Even though many believe that won’t change the overall plans of the teams, things aren’t exactly like that. 

Doncic and Jokic Almost Tied

The Denver Nuggets are at 48 while the Dallas Mavericks have an edge at 48.5 wins. Nikola Jokic and Luka Doncic are expected to lead these two franchises, but we can say without any hesitation that the reigning MVP is in a much better position despite the half-a-win difference because his team has more depth than the Mavs. 

The Golden State Warriors boast the same 48.5 wins, while the 2020 East champions, the Miami Heat, shadow the Nuggets at 48 triumphs.

The LA Clippers are barely above the .500% threshold, with 44.5 victories, while Knicks and Bulls sit at 42.5, with the Grizzlies one win behind at 41.5.

The bottom is reserved for Orlando Magic, who is at 22.5 wins, one fewer than the OKC Thunder. These two franchises are in a rebuild, and they have very young but talented teams. The Detroit Pistons and the first-overall pick, Cade Cunningham, are third from the bottom, 25.5 victories,

These numbers can and will change in the future because the teams haven’t ended their free agency activity. One big trade could disrupt everything. Just imagine seeing Ben Simons landing in New Orleans (for example), and that would instantly make them serious playoff contenders.

In the meantime, LeBron James reacted after not receiving a single vote in the survey about the best player in the NBA. King James responded all over the social networks, saying that such comments would only fuel him and his teammates.

The Lakers are the second overall favorite for the title behind the Nets and slightly above the Bucks. The purple and gold laned Russell Westbrook and Carmelo Anthony this summer, forming one of the best teams in the history of the NBA. After exiting in the first round of this playoffs, the purple and gold had to make some moves. 

Ryan has been writing about sports betting for over a decade now, residing in sunny Orlando, Florida. He played 4 years of college basketball which gave him a true understanding of how athletes think and operate. Knup has become a true student of “investing” in sports and has spent endless hours studying odds, line moves, trends, stats and teams to become a true expert in sports betting.

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