NBA Title Odds (Updated): Suns Leading, Bookies Don’t Trust the Grizzlies and the Mavericks

  • The NBA playoffs reached the conference semifinal stage. 
  • Phoenix Suns are the top favorites for winning the NBA title at the moment.
  • Golden State Warriors come third.
  • Three Eastern Conference teams – Bucks, Heat, and the Celtics, are pretty much leveled. 

We are deep into the playoffs, with the action going on all over the country. We have four series right now, all of them very interesting and close. The oddsmakers have updated the odds for the Larry O’Brien trophy, and the situation regarding that will be analyzed in the upcoming few paragraphs.

Suns Ahead of the Warriors

The Phoenix Suns are +210 to take the title and redeem for last year’s loss in the finals. Chris Paul and the boys have a nasty series against Luka and the Dallas Mavs, but it appears that they have the edge over the franchise from Texas.


The second favorites are the Golden State Warriors, who are up against the rising force in the league, the Memphis Grizzlies. Steph Curry wages war against Ja Morant, and currently, that is the most exciting one-on-one clash in the playoffs. Steve Kerr’s unit is +240 to take the title, which will be their fourth under Kerr.

Close in East

Three of the Eastern Conference powerhouses are grouped next to one another in the favorites list, with similar odds. The Bucks and the Heat are +400 to snap the silverware, while Boston Celtics sit at +500. The Bucks and the Celtics play against one another, and their series is pretty intense, and whichever team advances to the next stage will see its odds significantly improving. 

As for the Heat, they are against the Philadelphia 76ers and the top favorite for the NBA MVP award, Joel Embiid. Miami finished first in the Eastern Conference at the end of the regular part of the campaign, eliminating Atlanta Hawks in the opening round after five games. 

Since the playoffs started, these three teams were grouped together in any title analysis due to their similar quality. Details and current inspiration could decide in their direct meetings and nobody wants to give a sure prediction on what happens in the East.

Philly, Memphis and Dallas at the Bottom

The thing with the 76ers is that Embiid isn’t healthy 100%, which complicates their situation. Besides that, James Harden is nowhere near his expected level of play, and that is why Doc Rivers’ side isn’t a serious title contender. As time goes by, the Sixers are becoming more and more vulnerable to Embiid’s health issues, and even a trade that landed Harden couldn’t neutralize that.

The Grizzlies have their own problems. The biggest one is inexperience. Taylor Jenkins’ boys are in this role for the first time in their careers, and overall, the team from Tennessee is very young. The latest development with Ja’s injury in Game 3 further problematized the situation, and the bookmakers immediately responded. 

And at last, at the bottom of the list are the Dallas Mavericks. Many believe that they have neither the versatility nor the depth to pass the Suns, let alone win the title. Yes, Luka is unstoppable, but even he has some limits. And even if he doesn’t show weakness, other parts of the team are too fragile to endure the current pressure. 

Stay tuned for more NBA news and odds. With the season nearing its peak, there will be plenty of interesting content. 

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