NCAA Basketball Best Bets for Week

Mondays are for writing about NBA bets, which means Tuesdays are all about NCAA. Read below as we give you a few games to pick.

Tues. Feb 12

#19 LSU (19-4) @ #5 Kentucky (20-3)

LSU has been playing decently this year and hopes to keep it rolling against their SEC foe. This is a tough game for them, but they are always going to have some kind of chance, with all the talent they have. Tremont Waters is leading the team in scoring, rebounding, and also assists. He has played a big part in their success this season. As long as he has a big game, they are golden.

Kentucky has been very impressive this year, and they will look to keep it going. PJ Washington has been their leader thus far, but they do get scoring from various players. Keldon Johnson and Tyler Herro have also played large roles in the success of the team. SO far so good for these guys, who hope to keep it rolling. They have been on a crazy run this season, as they look to keep their spot in the top five.

Prediction: Kentucky is going to win, no question.

Wed. Feb 13

Providence (14-10) @ #13 Villanova (19-5)

This has not been the best season for Providence, who is currently ranked #8 in the Big East. The wins have not been there consistently. Alpha Diallo has been scoring impressively at 17 a night, also grabbing 8.3 boards per game. AJ Reeves has also been shooting the ball pretty well, but the scoring is not well balanced with this team, and that is something which proves to be a real issue.

#13 in the nation, it has been a tremendous year for Nova. Phil Booth is leading the way with 18 points and four assists a night. Eric Paschall has been scoring it impressively too, averaging 17 and six per game. Collin Gillespie is also shooting the ball well, but it is really a three-man show with this team. Three-point shooting plays a big part in how much they score.

Prediction: Big time win for Villanova.

Thu. Feb 14

#9 Houston (23-1) @ UConn (13-11)

One of the top teams in the nation and losers of only one single game, Houston has been amazing this season. Corey Davis Jr. is averaging 15.5 points a night, while Armoni Brooks is contributing 14 points per game. These two guys have been leading them all season, and hope to get them past a struggling Huskies bunch.

Jalen Adams has been balling all season for UConn, but this team isn’t winning all that much. He’s scoring 17 a game, but at 13-11, it has not gone their way at all. Christian Vital and Alterique Gilbert have also effectively been scoring the ball, but there is just so much to be desired. Changing coaches has not meant that they will start winning more.

Prediction: Houston by 25.

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