NCAA College Football Players With The Most To Gain At NFL Combine

The NFL Combine will take place from Tuesday, February 27 through Monday, March 5 and many of the top recruits in college football will participate with their shot to impress many of the pro scouts, with the hopes of becoming a top draft pick. Each year players around the college football world participate in the NFL scouting combine, looking to improve their spot in the NFL draft.

The difference is being drafted number 1-5 and being drafted number 15-20 is about $20 million so naturally every player wants to move up in that top 5 in the 2018 NFL draft. By this time each professional team as an overall list of who they are considering and what players they will be watching out for.

With that being said, there are always those players that really impress the scouts during the combine and improve their ranking from being a 2nd or 3rd round player to a potential 1st round selection in the NFL draft. In this article, take a look at a few players that could move into the 1st round with an impressive NFL Combine performance.

James Washington – Wide Receiver – Oklahoma State

James Washington has set major records throughout his collegiate career and has been one of the most exciting wide receivers to play at Oklahoma State. He is an amazing route runner and has shown throughout his entire career that he is extremely hard to cover.

The main issue with Washington is his size. Depending upon who is measuring him, he comes in a 5 foot 10 or 5 foot 11 and that is fairly small for an NFL wide receiver. Most teams in the NFL are looking for that tall 6 foot plus WR that can go up and get the ball in the end zone.

Washington may not have the size for what he does have is the game IQ and the route running capability to make him a dangerous wide receiver. Washington’s entire draft selection will come down to his 40 yard dash time.

If he runs under a 4.50, he could very well end up in the middle of the 1st round but if his speed doesn’t measure up, he could fall down to the 2nd round or even possibly to the 3rd round!

Calvin Ridley – Wide Receiver – Alabama

Depending upon what draft board or mock draft that you look at depends upon where you think Calvin Ridley will end up. Most everyone has the Alabama Crimson Tide wide receiver getting drafted in the 1st round but that could depend on what he runs in the 40 yard dash, similar to what we saw Washington.

Ridley is a little bit different than Washington in the fact that he is 6 foot 1 but the problem with Calvin Ridley is the only weighs about 190 pounds. If this guy comes out and smoke we are dash, he could very well go in the top 10 but if he bombs the yard dash and comes in at under 200 pounds, teams may pass on him due to his lack of size and speed.

Ronald Jones II – Running Back – USC

Ronald Jones is currently listed on most draft charts as the number 3 running back in this year’s draft. Even with a complete fallout, Saquon Barkley is going to be the 1st running back chosen in the draft.

Many people feel that Derrius Guice, from LSU, will end up being the number 2 running back chosen but that’s all going to depend on how Ronald Jones does in the NFL combine. Jones is an underrated prospect that has game breaking speed and the power to break tackles.

If he can put that together with a great combine, he may be able to catapult himself into a lower 1st round pick.

Christian Kirk – Wide Receiver – Texas A&M

One of the most interesting players in this year’s draft is Texas A&M wide receiver Christian Kirk. Many experts in the industry agree that it’s very hard to determine where Christian Kirk will fall in this year’s draft.

Some boards have them coming in in the 3rd round, and others I’ve seen him getting selected as high as a low 1st round pick. The true determination will come at the combine when he runs the 40 yard dash.

Kirk has been known as one of the fastest wide receivers in the NCAA and if he can carry over his talent and speed, into the NFL combine and put up bullet works in the 40, he could very easily be chosen in the 1st round due to the mere fact that teams want speed!

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