New Details about 2020 Call of Duty Global League

Activision Blizzard is preparing the launch of its new and franchised Call of Duty Global League in 2020.

Acitvision Blizzard Renames the CWL

Activision Blizzard has announced details regarding the Call of Duty Global League (CGL), which will borrow its model from the Overwatch League (OWL) to create a franchised competitive organization. In 2020, the company will be releasing the overhauled version of the Call of Duty World League – the current competitive structure that houses all competitive activities.

Drawing from the success of the OWL, Activision Blizzard has specified team roster compositions as well as the annual salary per player. Starting in 2020, the entire competitive structure of the League will de facto borrow from what the OWL is doing right now.

This means that each team will have its home stadium where it would be able to host away games and play home games. Overall, the structure reminds of any of the major sports league in the United States, which creates fresh investment and marketing opportunities.

CGL Format and Salaries Revealed

The CGL will start off with teams of five and a total number of players per team up to 10. However, all teams must have 7 available players in the very least to be qualified for the competition. There also could be mid-series substitutions, similar to League of Legends.

Following in the footsteps of the Overwatch and NBA 2K League, the franchised league would guarantee a minimum payout for players of at least $50,000 and healthcare and retirement benefits. An estimated 50% of all team winnings must be contributed towards the players as well.

While teams are not obliged to provide players with housing, they would need to inform the league as to how they intend to assist players in finding suitable living quarters instead. To allow for more flexibility in the draft, the league doesn’t expect any of the players to live in the city they represent and can travel – if they see fit – only for games.

Picking from the CWL Pool

All CWL contracted players will now be approached by organizations that are interested in hiring them. Bidding for individual players is allowed and all participants are given a seven-day window to either accept an offer, or in the case of competing teams, place a better bid.

For the sake of fairplay, however, all buyouts will be limited to 100% of the player’s Global League salary and bonuses. Interestingly, players will be allowed to compete for teams that are trying to break into the pro scene as well as represent a professional organization. In this regard, the organization again reminds of how Overwatch League has players competing in both the Academy and League.

As of now, Activision Blizzard has sold ten slots to interested parties, including organizations such as Florida Mayhem, Los Angeles Gladiators, OpTic Gaming, Immortals Gaming Club.

The idea of having a franchised competition in esports is not new. League of Legends and Overwatch have been the front runners with the largest following, but more games see the point in creating such structures.