New England Patriots Sign Newton, Super Bowl Odds Increase to (+1700)

  • The New England Patriots get a major boost after signing Cam Newton
  • Newton had to skip the 2019 season as he recovered from foot and shoulder injuries
  • He may very well be the best quarterback the team has had since 2016

With the New England Patriots’ securing Cam Newton, their odds to win the Super Bowl 55 have improved from +2300 to +1700 and bookies seem to put a lot of trust on the 2015 NFL MVP signee. Newton brings a lot to the team, that’s for sure, especially when Bill Belichick is already relying on Jarrett Stidham and Brian Hoyer to bolster the team’s odds at success in the next big showdown.

With Stidham and Hoyer already forming a powerful duo, the next step in bolstering the lineup is to teach everything to work together. And, as the NFL season is planned to continue on schedule, Patriots fans are definitely keen to see what the expensive addition can bring to the table.

While we may still have to wait a few months, sportsbooks have already seen it fit to update the team’s prospects in Super Bowl 55.

Super Bowl 55 Odds

Kansas City Chiefs+650
Baltimore Ravens+700
San Francisco 49ers+950
New Orleans Saints+1200
Tampa Bay Buccaneers+1500
New England Patriots+1700
Dallas Cowboys+1700
Philadelphia Eagles+1900
Seattle Seahawks+2100
Indianapolis Colts+2400
Pittsburgh Steelers+2400
Green Bay Packers+2500
Minnesota Vikings+2500
Los Angeles Rams+2800
Tennessee Titans+3000
*Odds taken June 29

Newton Stats Rightfully Boosts the Patriot’s Prospects

Suffering various shoulder and foot injuries, Newton had to withdraw from active play for a while and skipped 14 games during 2019, but he’s back now. Hopes are that as part of the New England Patriots he will be able to rebound to his 2018’s performance when he recorded 20+ touch downs (TD). He was at the very top of the QBR pecking order.

How Has Newton Fared Throughout the Years: Five Seasons In

Clearly, to get a better read of the player you would need to compare his stats throughout the last several seasons. His peak performance was arguably in 2015 when he scored 67.0 QBR and then disappointed with only 48.0 QBR in 2016.

Yet, he has rebounded in 2018 with 55.0, his highest since 2015. For obvious reasons, 2019 was a poor season for Newton who missed the better part of it. Yet, hopes are that his well-rounded performance and consistency in Pass TDs and Rush TDs would give Belichick some idea how to best use the athlete.

Cam Newton Stats: From MVP to Injury (2015 – 2019)

YearCompletion %Pass YdsPass TDRush YdsRush TDQBR

Patriots Fans Get a Good Quarterback

While there are still some unknowns about the choice of Cam Newton and whether it would pay off, most fans and observers feel rather confident that the player is a good quarterback. In fact, some have called Newton the best QB the team is going to have since 2016. Whether this turns out to be true remains to be seen in the upcoming NFL season.

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