New Hope For Heavyweight Boxing Unification Bout

The outbreak of the coronavirus has already had a damaging effect on the world’s sporting calendar, with the Premier League, NBA and NHL all effected. However, there could finally be a silver lining in the world of boxing according to Eddie Hearn. The Matchroom promoter has revealed that the possible delaying of events could mean that the bout between Tyson Fury and Anthony Joshua could take place a lot earlier.

There is still one final detail to iron out according to Hearn, and that is that Deontay Wilder will need to agree to step aside and take on the winner of the Tyson Fury vs Anthony Joshua fight at a later date. It is unknown at this time whether Wilder would agree to any proposition, but fans around the world will be hoping that the American does the right thing for the sport.

Hearn Hopeful Of Earlier Fury Bout

The bout between Fury and Wilder isn’t likely to take place until at least October, and a further delay could be inevitable. The USA is one of the worst-hit countries in the world by the coronavirus, and that means that staging a huge heavyweight event may not even take place until the end of 2020. Joshua is set to defend his titles in June against Kubrat Pulev, but that date is also likely to be pushed back.

Matchroom have already postponed all bouts up until the early summer, with new dates likely to be placed on fights including Dillian Whyte and Daniel Dubois. No new date has yet been put on these bouts but late summer is the most likely solution. Hearn didn’t speak about these bouts during the interview, as he is determined to ensure that Bob Arum can persuade Wilder to wait for an extra couple of months for his title re-match.

Could Wilder Agree To Delay?

It would seem like an agreeable condition for Wilder. He can wait an extra few months, and then, instead of fighting for just one world title, he will be fighting for all of them. Of course, Wilder’s argument would be that he wants to be the one to face Joshua; as that would be the biggest fight in world boxing that hasn’t yet been made. But, the appetite would certainly favour a Fury vs Joshua fight over Wilder vs Joshua.

Wilder is an unpredictable boxer, which makes it near impossible to second guess what he may agree to do. Arum could be the key player in all this, as he is on the promotion team for both Fury and Wilder. The manner in which Fury beat Wilder in the previous fight would indicate that the American could benefit from extra time away from the ring, but Wilder has already admitted that he is ready for the trilogy fight.

Whenever the fight does take place, it will be one of the biggest events of the year. Fury will be the heavy favourite to reclaim his titles, as the ease in which he beat Wilder in the previous fight will be something that bettors aren’t going to be forgetting anytime soon.