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As the season is just nine days away, we take a final look at this year’s NFL MVP candidates. Read below for the odds of the top players. (It’s all QB’s).

Before you do so, you may be interested in the following:

Aaron Rodgers (+500)

As usual, A-Rodge leads the preseason race to the MVP. He is always, when healthy, putting up ridiculous numbers, and proving how good a leader he really is. He is one of the main reasons for the Packers success over the past number of years, and he’s a FORCE out there.

He’s got an underrated running ability, and the back-shoulder play has helped him to make the big bucks. The Packers struggled mightily when he got hurt last year, which is all you need to know about why he is the leading candidate.

Frank Cignetti Jr, the new quarterback coach for the Packers had the following to say about his quarterback:

“Best in the league at playing in the pocket and extending plays outside the pocket; that won’t change,”

Carson Wentz (+700)

A favorite to win the award before his injury last year, Wentz is a terrific ballplayer. He limits his turnovers very well, and has a laser arm. He had the Eagles with the best record in the NFL while he was healthy last year, before Nick Foles ultimately led them to the Super Bowl.

Now, coming back, it’s no surprise that Wentz is listed as number two here. Despite the team success without him, it does not take anything away from his ability. It’ll be fun to see him throwing deep balls to Mike Wallace this year.

Tom Brady (+850)

Old-man Brady is still out here winning MVPs and silencing all those saying he needs to hang them up. He’s got a lot left in the tank and is still among the best QB’s in the game. It’s more than just the system he plays in, it is the amazing shape he keeps himself in.

Though he doesn’t have too many receiving options for next year, but being Tom Brady as he is, that really won’t take too much of a difference. He helped take a group of WR’s led by Kenbrell Thompkins and Aaron Dobson to a division title.

Deshaun Watson (+1500)

As amazing as he was last year while he was healthy, there are way-too-high expectations on Watson. He played five very good games, then he tore his ACL, and there is not one single doubter believing he will come back along slowly or any worse, as he is being talked about as one of the best.

Watson will have a very good year but it may take a few weeks for him to get going. He has ol’ reliable DeAndre Hopkins as his top guy, after that there may be some questions marks.

Drew Brees +1600

Brees has another talented team around here, and the old man can still throw the football. Brees and his Saints offense have turned into more of a run-first offense with their two-headed monster at running back.

Full National Football League MVP Betting Odds

The NFL MVP Betting Odds are as of August 31, 2018 and come from MyBookie.

  • Aaron Rodgers +500
  • Carson Wentz +700
  • Tom Brady +850
  • DeShaun Watson +1500
  • Drew Brees +1600
  • Jimmy Garoppolo +1600
  • Todd Gurley +2000
  • Russell Wilson +2200
  • Cam Newton +2200
  • Matt Ryan +2200
  • Kirk Cousins +2200
  • Phillip Rivers +2800
  • Andrew Luck +2800
  • Ben Roethlisberger +3000
  • Ezekiel Elliott +3000
  • Patrick Mahomes +3300


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