NFL Divisional Odds: Vegas Odds for Every Division Winner

  • The AFC West looks fascinating after the Russell Wilson Trade
  • NFC West has three genuine contenders
  • Is the AFC North a four-team race if Pittsburgh find a QB?

The markets are now live with odds for the winner of each of the NFL divisions next year. We have some seemingly foregone conclusions, but there are several races that are still up in the air and the best value tends to be found early.

AFC East Winner Vegas Odds

Buffalo Bills-235
Miami Dolphins+425
New England Patriots+500
New York Jets+2000

*Notable changes in preseason:

  • Miami Dolphins become second favorites as Patriots drift
  • Jets drift from +1400 to +2000 after injury to Zach Wilson

AFC North Winner Vegas Odds

Baltimore Ravens+140
Cincinnati Bengals+200
Cleveland Browns+425
Pittsburgh Steelers+1000

*Notable changes in preseason:

  • Ravens remain favorites, odds shorten from +190 to +140
  • Browns drift from +275 to +425 after Deshaun Watson’s 11-game suspension
  • Steelers drift from +400 to +1000

AFC South Winner Vegas Odds

Team Odds
Indianapolis Colts-130
Tennessee Titans +175
Jacksonville Jaguars+600
Houston Texans+3300

*Notable changes in preseason:

  • Colts overtake Titans as favorites after Matt Ryan trade
  • Texans drift from +1600 to +3300, not given a shot

AFC West Winner Vegas Odds

Kansas City Chiefs+170
Denver Broncos+225
Los Angeles Chargers+260
Las Vegas Raiders+575

*Notable changes in preseason:

  • Order stays the same, Chargers and Raiders odds shorten signficiantly
  • Broncos drift slightly from +215 to +225
  • Chiefs also drift from +105 to +170 after Tyreek Hill trade

NFC North Winner Vegas Odds

Green Bay Packers-160
Minnesota Vikings+220
Detroit Lions+775
Chicago Bears+1600

*Notable changes in preseason:

  • Chicago Bears drift to outsider, Detroit now 3rd favorites
  • Packers shorten from -210 to -160

NFC South Winner Vegas Odds

Tampa Bay Buccaneers-275
New Orleans Saints+300
Carolina Panthers+1100
Atlanta Falcons+2500

*Notable changes in preseason:

  • Panthers drift from +325 to +1100 despite Baker Mayfield trade
  • Bucs shorten from +160 to -275
  • Falcons fall completely from +450 to +2500

NFC East Winner Vegas Odds

Dallas Cowboys+130
Philadelphia Eagles+160
Washington Commanders+500
New York Giants+750

*Notable changes in preseason:

  • Eagles narrow the gap with Cowboys after strong aquisitions (from +310 to +160)
  • Washington slide after Carson Wentz trade

NFC West Winner Vegas Odds

Los Angeles Rams+130
San Francisco 49ers+165
Arizona Cardinals+350
Seattle Seahawks +1400

*Notable changes in preseason:

  • Seattle drift from +700 to +1400 after uninspiring offseason
  • Rams and 49ers no longer joint favorites at +170
  • Cardinals slightly drift from +315 to +350
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