Ryan Knuppel  |  Fri 11th Jan   | NFL

PLAYOFF SEASON. Three of four wild card teams picked up wins last weekend and will be looking to do the same this week. Previews below.

#6 Colts @ #1 Chiefs (KC -5.5)

Indianapolis picked up an impressive win over the Texans, as they lead the game wire-to-wire. Andrew Luck has had an unbelievable comeback campaign, while Marlon Mack is one of the hottest running backs in the entire league. When you couple that with a strong defensive, and sensational O-Line, and they just could pull it off this week.

KC had a historically great offense, with Mahomes going over 5,000 yards, with 50 touchdown passes for the year. His amazing ability to score all these points has made up for the poor defense they have. Most teams would not win 12 games with this team. Mahomes did, though. If they can avoid turnovers, they win easily.

Prediction: Bet Indy +5.5. This is going to be a much closer game than expected. Luck has a playoff win (after being down by four TD’s, all be it) against KC already.

#4 Cowboys @ #2 Rams (LA, -7)

After being able to hold off Seattle, here they are again looking for a big upset. They have an impressive defense, and it seems that Dak is ready for the big moments. With Zeke at RB, they have guys who can make big plays. The Rams have a different game plan than the Seahawks did, so they may have a tough time.

They lost in their playoff opener last year, but they are now a whole year wiser. Sean McVay’s team is going to be fully prepared for the fight, and Gurley having the extra week to recover was huge. Watch for Jared Goff to have a major performance, and for the many playmakers of the Rams D to get it done.

Prediction: LA is off to the NFC Championship! Bet them -7. Big win ahead.

#5 Chargers @ #2 Patriots (NE -4)

LA was able to hold off a furious fourth-quarter comeback from Baltimore. Philip Rivers has never made it to the Super Bowl in his 16-year career, so this season has a lot of implications. The franchise is looking to thrive in the postseason for the first time in a long time.

New England is used to be being on top, having won the AFC for a few years in a row, and now they hope for one more trip. As Tom Brady keeps aging, the guys around him continue to make big-time plays for him.

Prediction: LAC +4. They will get the upset. On to the AFC title game.

#6 Eagles @ #1 Saints (NO -7.5)

Philly pulled off a late comeback win against the dominant Bears, and are now 4-0 with Nick Foles starting in the playoffs two years in a row. This is his second matchup with Brees in the playoffs, with a last-second field goal carrying New Orleans past them six years ago.

New Orleans lost on a really devastating buzzer-beater touchdown in the NFC Divisional Game against the Vikings last year, so this has to be their revenge year. They still have not been back to the NFC Championship since their 2009 Super Bowl, so this could be the year.

Prediction: NO -7.5. Back they come, now one win from the SB! A rare loss for Foles, who has been amazing this year.

Ryan Knuppel