NFL Free Agency: Brady to Tampa, Gurley to Atlanta and Gordon to Denver

It was a busy day in the NFL today, with three major deals taking place. Tom Brady, Todd Gurley, and Melvin Gordon all changed their uniforms.

Brady Signs With the Buccaneers

Tom Brady signed a two-year deal with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers worth $50 million. The three-time MVP and the six-time NFL champion will also get $9 million in incentives over those two years. Also, what is very interesting is that Brady’s contract excludes any tag or trade options.

It seems that one of the best ever aims to play after the deal with the Buccaneers expires.

Brady and the franchise from Tampa Bay signed a contract as soon as his physical test was done. It was the only thing that slowed down the entire process. The current COVID-19 pandemic made some troubles with finding a suitable doctor, but that was eventually solved, and the two parties proceeded as planned.

Brady is expected to lead the team towards the Super Bowl, the one which takes place at Raymond Jones Stadium in Tampa Bay. Reportedly, numerous players offered their services to the Bucs and they even proposed playing for a fewer amount of money than they did before, only to have a chance to attack the trophy with Brady.

It will be very interesting to see who will join the former Patriot on his quest towards glory.

Todd Gurley in Atlanta

The highest-paid running back of all times who had $60 million for 4 years with the LA Rams was released yesterday, but he already found a new team. Gurley and the Atlanta Falcons have agreed to make a one-year contract, which will give a chance to the former MVP contender and arguably the most important player in the Rams over the past few seasons to bounce back to the elite echelon of running backs.

After releasing Devonta Freeman, who led one of the worst running offenses in the league last season, Dan Quinn reached out for Gurley, who is familiar with the state of Georgia as he played for three seasons with the Bulldogs while attending college.

The upcoming campaign will present the last chance for this team to make a push for the Super Bowl. Allegedly if there isn’t at least a playoff appearance, the owner of the team will change the entire landscape of the organization.

Melvin Gordon Lands in Denver

The former Chargers’ running back, Melvin Gordon, signed a two-year $16 million deal with $13.5 million guaranteed.

The 26-year old was the 15th pick in the 2015 NFL draft, and in five years with the Chargers, he started 62 times while playing 67 games in total. Gordon posted 4,240 rushing yards with 36 TDs and 1,873 yards through the air for 11 TDs.

It is said that he got several offers, some better than the one from the Broncos, but specifically wanted to stay in the AFC West at his turf, and face the Chargers. Denver, however, will have a dynamic duo of running backs former from Gordon and Philip Lindsay, who was excellent in the past season. If Gordon continues to play as he did before, the Broncos might be a real threat in the future.